Repurposed Mail Sorter

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I have been on a thrift store kick lately. Normally my visits would be once a week, but now I find myself going twice, even three times a week! It’s so addicting! I would rather shop at a thrift store than a mall or chain store. Now it’s time to share my repurposed mail sorter tutorial.

Repurposed Mail Sorter Before

While browsing the isles, I saw this poor soul, one of its front pieces just hanging where someone had pulled it apart. I decided to take it home, it needed love! It was only $2.99 and it was real wood, not a bad deal. I also found an old picture frame. You can see how I gave the frame a makeover HERE. Wood picture frames are always in abundance and are cheap and easy to upcycle. Sometimes all you need is paint.

Mail Sorter Before Makeover

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I cleaned the mail sorter with a damp cloth. The slot that was hanging was attached with a small finishing nail. Very easy fix.

Repurposed Mail Sorter Supply List

Waverly Inspirations White

Chip Brush

220-Grit Sandpaper

Cricut Machine (Or you can use a stencil or freehand a design)

Spray Polycrylic

Makeover Process

I decided to paint the piece white. The wood color was so beautiful, I knew it would look gorgeous peeking through the white paint. I used two coats of Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint, allowing about 30 minutes to dry in between coats.


After it was completely dry, I took my 220-grit sandpaper and gave it a heavy distressing! Especially on the ends and where normal wear and tear may appear, as you can see here.

Using the Cricut Machine

The Hubs used the Cricut and created vinyl for the front of the slots. If it was left up to me to learn how to use it, it would be collecting dust. I was going to use the piece in my kitchen on a small wall, so I chose quotes that would be appropriate for the kitchen. The Hubs created all the quotes. He is the Cricut expert. We chose “You Wash”, “I Dry”, and pretty decorative line art.

Of course the “you wash” is referring to the Hubs. He is the dishwasher haha!

Here is the second quote. I am the dryer. Well, sometimes!

Isn’t she a beauty? Home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. A few simple steps and we now have a unique piece of decor for our kitchen. You just have to get a little creative! Visit your local thrift store and use your imagination! Oh, and on a side note, the cute sponges are actually crocheted. I found them on Etsy! Perfect for this makeover.

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“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”


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  1. Great upcycle, Christina, and love the sentiment for it’s repurpose! I would have this hanging in my kitchen in a heartbeat. Pinned

    1. A stencil will work just fine. Or maybe self adhesive lettering. You can also buy small vinyl quotes at local craft stores or even off of Etsy! Hope that helps ❤️

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