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You can’t stand your old coffee table anymore or maybe, you just found your dream coffee table in a thrift store but the color isn’t exactly what you were after? You’re now ready for a good coffee table makeover. Before you grab your paint brush, make sure to check our selection of painted coffee table ideas. We have curated here a wide array of coffee table makeover ideas to help you find inspiration. We have tried to provide you with before and after pictures and clear directions so you feel confident enough to craft that amazing new look! Also, make sure to check the links: most case studies are providing step-by-step directions and the materials used to reproduce the exact look. Here are our best 10 cool ways to paint a coffee table.

1. Paint it Black!

If you’re after a style both modern and timeless, paint it black! Black is classy and will give character to even the most basic coffee table! This goodwill coffee table makeover by Sarah is quite simple but nonetheless astonishing!
Transforming a Goodwill Coffee Table – Source:
Black color is suitable for different styles of furniture. We really like this black painted cane coffee table. Due to the water-damaged veneer and an MDF top, Amanda had no choice but to paint it. And black is the perfect color to give this piece a modern twist.
Black Coffee Table by Amanda – Source: Oak and Pine Designs on Instagram

2. Blue Painted Coffee Table with Metallic Top

Blue is not limited to beach houses. Actually, it’s the perfect color to freshen up your living room. We really loved Charlotte’s makeover. The combination of the deep blue and the metal top is JUST perfect! Charlotte explained she likes combining textures and thought a metallic topper of some sort might make the table seem a little less massive. The sheet metal topper was custom-made at a local sheet metal joint within a few minutes. Later, Charlotte painted the table legs with a shiny navy blue.
Knock Out Navy Coffee Table – Source: At Charlotte’s House

2. Two Tone Coffee Table (color and raw wood)

We love painted furniture of course, but we also love the beauty of natural wood. Sometimes, the wood finish has seen better days or the piece just looks too woody. So the paint is the only solution to keep that old piece alive and two-tone is the perfect solution to redo a dated or damaged table without covering all that beautiful wood. It’s simply the perfect combination of paint and raw wood. This coffee table’s dark painted legs really highlight the refinished round top. Check out our Two Tone Coffee Table Makeover tutorial HERE (step by step). Make also sure to check out this Coastal Style Coffee Table Makeover. White paint here is the perfect complement to the warm wood table top. We are hooked!
Coastal Style Coffee Table Makeover (with stain and paint!) – Source: (step by step)
Since we’re talking about a round coffee table, you may also like this black and mahogany coffee table makeover by Hailey from Fin + Finished.
Source: Instagram – Finfinished

4. Farmhouse style coffee table

Painting your coffee table farmhouse style is easy and will never disappoint you. Check out this amazing work from Christina: Coffee Table Makeover: Whitewashed & Distressed (step by steo). You will also learn how to build a brand new top for your next table makeover!
Farmhouse Coffee Table Makeover: Whitewashed & Distressed (step by step)
Another example we would like to share with you is this stunning pine coffee table makeover from Melanie:

5. Striped Coffee Table

If you like both modern and colorful furniture, go for stripes! Stripes can add a pop of color and make shine even the most basic coffee table. In addition, stripes are easy to paint thanks to painter’s tape. Make sure to check out how my friend Christelle completely transformed this sturdy but boring pine wood coffee table using bright colors. To give your coffee table a timeless and classical look, you may paint it white with grey-blue stripes. We really like this refreshing coffee table makeover we found on Pinterest.
Source: Pinterest

6. Consider Painting Cane Webbing!

If you think cane webbing furniture is terribly outdated and difficult to paint, well, think again! Discover how Denise from Salvaged Inspirations transformed this old end table and you’ll never pass up a cane coffee table ever again.
Source: Salvaged Inspirations
If you still need convincing, take a look at this gorgeous cane white antique finish coffee table selling for $ 1,600.00.

7. Dare to paint it Red!

Red is one of our favorite color but we have to admit that painting a piece of furniture red may be intimidating. Keep in mind that coffee tables are small pieces, which make them perfect candidates for this vibrant color! Proof is this classic style coffee table entirely painted in bright red, including the handles. It really makes the living room!
Source: Pinterest

8. Stenciled Coffee Table

You would love to add a beautiful design to your coffee table but don’t know how to draw? Stencil to the rescue! Stencils are a good way to transform old plain or outdated furniture into something unique. And it’s easier than you might think! Here’s how Christelle transformed this brown coffee table using a stencil and spray paint: Stylish Coffee Table Makeover With Gold Stenciled Design (step by step).
DIY Coffee Table Makeover With Gold Stenciled Design Before and After (step by step)
And check out how this coffee table came out awesome with this vintage tile-inspired stenciled design.

9. What about a splash of gold?

For this coffee table redo, Jennifer simply painted the table feet with gold Rub ‘n Buff. Small action but big difference.
Another really nice update using a gold color is this black and gold coffee table makeover. We really like how Angela highlighted the legs and base grooves with gold. It really adds more interest.

10. Mixing paint and paper

Paper is also a nice way to give an old coffee table a new life. You may use leftover wallpaper, old maps, or even wrapping paper. This dated arched leg coffee table was completely transformed by Marie. The match between black paint and wrapping paper is just perfect!
Happy Makeover!

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