Repurposed Dresser Ideas

May be you inherited an old dresser with loose drawers? Or you just found on old dresser with missing drawers on the curbside? You feel this shaky chest of drawers has potential but you really don’t know what you can make out of it. Don’t go any further. Dressers can be repurposed into something completely new like DIY kitchen islands, farmhouse style cabinets or even elegant bathroom vanities. We have put together 10 repurposed dresser ideas we found very exciting. Check out our best repurposed and upcycled dressers ideas – with before and after pictures – for inspiration.

1. Kitchen islands from old dressers

This is one of my favorite repurposing. Kitchen islands made from old dressers are both original and useful. They can be even more convenient if you manage to add casters. This is also a good repurposing idea for dressers with missing drawers. The first upcycling case we wanted to share with you is this old dresser with a new top and painted in white and blue. The after is just amazing. I totally agree with Rachel, there is reason to be obsessed wit it.
Source: Upcycledsmithery on Instagram   I’m also a huge fan of this DIY country style kitchen island. The drawers on the piece worked poorly, so Kate knew it would be the perfect candidate to turn into a kitchen island.
Source: Heir and Space 
Even if the original piece was not really a dresser – but more a sideboard – I would recommend you checking out this kitchen island made by Christina from a freebie. This post includes step by step tutorial with pictures.

2. Elegant Bathroom Vanity

Another trendy repurposing idea I wanted to try when we were remodeling our bathroom. Unfortunately, I never found the perfect dresser for this project. They were either not tall enough or too large for our small bathroom. Anyway, this is really a cool project I would love to try some day. Find the perfect dresser for your own bathroom and check out this photo tutorial to make a unique bathroom vanity.
Source: An Oregon Cottage

3. Printer Station for Home Office Use

This is one of the funniest project Christina has been working on. She repurposed on old dresser with missing drawers into a printer station for home office use. Of course, it could be used a as entryway table as well.
Source: Oh My Sander – Repurposing an Old Dresser Into a Sideboard for Home Office Use

4. Big or Small Cabinet, it’s up to you!

Small cabinets are always so hard to find, so repurposing an old dresser is the perfect solution! Don’t worry if the drawers are wonky, you won’t need them! Discover this custom made job by Christina for one of her client. She repurposed on old and boring dresser into a cabinet that will serve as storage for quilting supplies. By the way, the blue paint is gorgeous!
Source: Oh My Sander – Repurposed Chest of Drawers into a Cabinet for Quilting Supplies
You may also like how this long dresser with missing drawers was upcycled into a dining buffet.
Source: Kenya Rae

5. Farmhouse pantry

Another astonishing transformation is this gorgeous farmhouse pantry made from an old orange dresser. Christina was thrilled because this piece sold the same day she posted it!
Source: Oh My Sander – Outdated Tall Dresser Repurposed into Farmhouse Pantry

6. Changing table

Having a baby usually involves a lot of purchases: stroller, car seat, crib, changing table… Unfortunately your house or apartment won’t magically expand just because you become parents. If you’re looking for a space saving solution, why not turn your dresser into a diaper changing station? You won’t need buying a dedicated changing table and you can still enjoy all the storage space provided by your beloved dresser. All you have to do is building a detachable changing table top. Discover how Emily build her own Changing Pad Tray in a couple of hours.
Source: Table + Hearth
Most changing tables are ugly and lack storage space. This is another good reason to transform you dresser into a diaper changing table. And don’t forget, never leave your baby unattended on changing table. Any sudden move made by your baby could cause him to fall. Should you own an Ikea dresser, do not worry. They are so popular that there is a dedicated tutorial to built a changing table from the Hemnes dresser. If you don’t feel confident enough to build your own detachable changing table top, this kind of changing tables can be transformed into a chest of drawers when your child grows up. They can be bought second hand and painted according to your tastes. Check out this easy Ikea changing table makeover with light green paint: IKEA changing table/dresser makeover (step by step).
Source: Oh My Sander – Changing Table Makeover: Painted Green

 7. Bookshelf

Repurposing an old dresser into a bookshelf is the perfect idea for tall dressers. Don’t be afraid of loose or missing drawers anymore, you won’t need them! If the drawers are in good shape, you can always save them for another project. Such upcycling requires some construction work but definitely worths the efforts! Discover this cute bookshelf made with an old dresser by Gail Wilson, from My Repurposed Life.
Source: My Repurposed Life
Another cute project is this repurposed dresser decorated with peel and stick wallpaper I found on Pinterest.
Source: Decorative Inspirations – Pinterest

8.   Bench

You found an old dresser with missing or badly damaged top, no problem! You may repurposed it into a cozy bench. Christina from Kinz and River  found a broken little dresser at a garage sale – It was missing the top and the top drawer so she gutted it, fixed the drawers it did have and turned it into this very cute bench. I would love to have such a piece in my entry hall.
Source: Kinz and River on Instagram
Oversized dressers can make great storage bench. You have to check out this amazing repurposing job from Gail Wilson.
Source: My Repurposed Life

9. Bar or beverage center

Dressers can also be repurposed as charming and functional beverage center. This DIY portable bar from an old dresser by Bliss is so cool!
Source: Bliss Ranch

10. TV stand

Old dressers, especially long ones, you know, the kind of piece that would never fit in your shoe sized bedroom, may sneak into your living room and serve as TV stand. They provide plenty of storage space and missing drawers may easily be replaced with baskets to store remote controls or video game controllers. Even Chelsea’s dog seems proud of this repurposed dresser into a TV stand.
Source: Two Twenty One
Even the most classical style and massive piece can find a place in your modern interior painted with a vibrant color like this blue dresser.
Source: Flamingo Toes
Happy Makeover!
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