Thrift Store TV Dinner Tray Makeover: Painted White & Vinyl Decals

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While on one of my thrifting adventures, I spotted this set of television trays at my local thrift store.

Thrift Store TV Trays

Thrift Store TV Tray Makeover

All but one tray was on the stand.  The other four were leaning up against the shelf.  Each was individually marked with a $5.99 price tag.  I decided before I loaded them in my cart to ask the Associate to verify the price was for the SET and not per piece.  They were $5.99 for the set, so I snagged them up! 

Thrift store TV trays marked at $5.99 for the set.
Price of $5.99 for the Set!


Two of the trays had seen better days.  Stickers and markers everywhere! 

TV trays with stickers and marker.
Look at the cute stickers!

Thrift Store TV Tray Makeover Supply List

Supply List:

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Cricut Machine or Stencil

Waverly Chalk Paint in White (Walmart)


Wooster Silvertip Paintbrush

220-grit Sandpaper

Shop Towels

I started by cleaning the trays and the stand with Windex window cleaner.  I sprayed each sticker with the Windex and allowed it to soak for about 15 minutes.  This allowed the soap to dissolve the adhesive, which made it easier to remove the sticker.

The trays would be used for my family get-togethers.  My family all live within 25 miles of each other.  Since the family is rather large, we have birthday dinners and include everyone who has a birthday that falls within the month.  For example, I have a grandbaby that has a birthday in August as well as my mother.  We get together in August and celebrate those birthdays.  We have such a great time, laughing and just enjoying each otherโ€™s company.  The Hubs and I have been enjoying the trays while watching our Georgia Bulldogs!

The Hubs enjoying one of the TV trays.
The Hubs

Create Vinyl for Trays

Back to the makeover.  I asked the Hubs to create four words using our Cricut machine.  I chose the words “Eat,” “Drink,” “Enjoy,” and “Gather.”  Keep in mind if you do not have a vinyl machine, you could also use a stencil or even a self-adhesive transfer. 

Creating vinyl quote with Cricut machine.

Applying the Paint

My paint color choice for the trays was white.  This would allow the quote to really stand out! 

I gave the trays and the stand three coats of the white chalk paint, allowing about 20 minutes of drying time in between coats.

I used my 220-grit sandpaper and lightly distressed around the edges and the legs.

Chalk paint applied to TV tray.

Applying Top Coat

I applied one coat of Polycrylic to all the trays and the stand.  It is imperative to apply your Poly before you attach your vinyl.  The transfer tape can peel up the paint if it is not sealed, trust me. I learned the hard way!

After the Poly had dried overnight, the Hubs was kind enough to apply the words to the trays.    

Measure and find the center to apply your vinyl.

I then applied a second coat of Poly to protect the vinyl.

Here are the trays after the makeover.  I think they look so much better! 

You can see other projects where I have used vinyl by clicking here!


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  1. Linda at Mixed Kreations

    Those are so cute! I have a set of 4 plus we already had 2 that I’ve been telling myself I need to give them a makeover just have figured out what to do. I love these!

  2. What a great idea and I love that Hubs is such a Cricut guru; the wording makes these perfect! You guys makes a great team ๐Ÿ™‚

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