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Your dining room table has seen better days and you have decided to update and makeover this old table? The good news is, you can redo your dining table and give your dining room a fresh new look without breaking the bank. We’ve have redone so many tables already and we enjoyed each project so much. Browse our collection of dining table makeover ideas. We have provided you with before and after pictures and clear directions so you feel confident enough to start your own DIY table makeover.

1. Give your Table a New Life with Black Paint

Black is classy and can give a modern look to any old and outdated dining set. This solid wood table was found on Craigslist for $100. After lightly sanding the table, Amanda painted it with Eclipse Milk Paint Finish from Rust-Oleum. This painted dining room table looks so gorgeous now and all that, thanks to black paint !

2. Two Tone Black and Wood

You love black but don’t want to go for the total black look, then paint the legs only! Two-tone is the perfect solution to redo a dated or damaged table without covering all the wood.  Lauren painted her table legs black to help tie it together with the other furniture pieces in the kitchen and she did a really good job.

3. Paint Your Table White and Distress to Give it a Farmhouse Vibe

Painting your beloved table with white paint is a good way to brighten up your dining room. This 13$ table was found on Facebook Marketplace and was ready for a new life after being painted with Dixie Belle Paint in Coton and distressed.
Dining Table Makeover: Painted White. Check out the after HERE!

4. Stenciled Table Top

Stencils are perfect for transforming a thrift store find into a beautiful and unique decorative piece of furniture. Go choose a nice reusable stencil, grab your favorite paint brush and try! You’ll be amazed by the result! This basic wooden table below became a really piece of art with its stenciled top and blue painted legs. Source:

5. Even Dated Tile Table Tops May be Stenciled

Paint is a great and easy way to update a dated tile table. All the tiles were stenciled and the table legs were painted navy for a great makeover!

6. Why Not Trying Cerused Dining Table Top

Cerusing is a wood finishing technique that creates a two-toned look. The wood grain is open and accentuated against a contrasting base color. Oak wood is good for cerusing. And good news, second hand oak wood tables are easy to find and cheap! Check this great before/after by Kristi. Say good bye to the orange oak table and welcome a bright and modern look oak table.

7. Zinc Table Top

Applying a zinc sheet is a great way to redo a very damaged table top, even when it is not salvageable. Plus it adds a modern twist we already likes when we gathered our best coffee table makeover ideas. To be honest, adding a zinc table to an old table is not the easiest project and may be more suitable for the experienced do-it-yourselfer. But you will see, the result will match your expectations.
Should you need more proof, check out this bright yellow and zinc table makeover:

8. Change your Table Top…

Building a new table top is a great way to makeover an outdated tile dining table. This white tile top table was turned into a herringbone farmhouse style table thanks to a new DIY wooden table top.
Here at Ohmysander we already built a new top for an old coffee table:
Check the before and after of this Coffee Table Makeover HERE.

9. …Or the Legs

Let’s say you like you like your beautiful wood table top but you really don’t like the legs… Instead of buying a new table, consider replacing the legs. This way, you can give your dining table a fresh new look for a fraction of the price of new table. Good quality table legs may be found in home improvement stores or easily ordered online. Install hairpin legs for mid-century-modern twist to even the most basic table. Gina from Acutedesigns swap this basic Ikea table wooden legs with hairpin legs. The table top was also sanded and stained. This table looks now lighter and more modern.
Hair pin legs can be easily ordered on Amazon. Kristi from Addicted2Decorating bought a table on Ebay for a steal ($51 together with 8 chairs). Only issue, the table wasn’t exactly her style. She decided to use that table top and change the legs to turn it into a farmhouse style table. She then painted the legs with a deep green color. The result is amazing! Source: Farmhouse style table legs may be purchased online. TABLELEGS.COM offers many choices including mid-century modern legs and farmhouse style table legs. We also found some great ones on Amazon.

10. Break your piggy bank and build a penny Table

Crafters who love creative ideas will love this DIY project. We’re not lying to you, this kind of project is not difficult but it takes a lot of time. You just have to lay all the pennies over the table, glue them and pour over epoxy for fine finish. You can check out Mindy tutorial. The after is pretty cool! Source:

11. DIY Mosaic Table Top

Ashley thrifted some floral China plates for decorating the top of her old outdoor table. After two days of hard work, she got a unique shabby chic looking coffee table.

12. Patio Table Makeover with Paint and New Tiles

A dated tile-top patio table was transformed in couple of hours into something new and modern thanks to new tiles. The main difficulty encountered by Chica was to find the right size tiles she liked.

13. Add Some Vibrant Colors

With its pop colors legs, this kitchen table will add a touch of originality and boldness to any boring kitchen. Check out the before and after HERE: Painted Kitchen Table with Striped Legs.

14. Dare to Redo Your Dining Room Set

Dining room sets often have seen better days: dings, scratches, outdated design… In most cases, paint can make all the difference! Painted with a beautiful yellow paint from Dixie Belle, this table now has a beautiful pop of color! The darker gel stain with the yellow paint gives this set an entirely different look!
Discover several Dining set Makeovers HERE!

15. Go for Stripes

This rustic table was in pristine condition but terribly outdated. Chrystele painted the table legs and two lateral stripes on the table top to give character to this piece of furniture. The outdated brown rustic piece became a charming two-tone farmhouse style table. Check out the full tutorial here: Two Tone Dining Table Makeover.

16. Don’t Overlook an Old French Provincial Table

French provincial tables are usually charming solid wood pieces of furniture. They make perfect candidates for a makeover. This dining room table with scratches and worn edges definitely needed some work. It was given a modern and romantic twist with a lot of sanding and some white paint.

17. Dealing with Laminate Table Top? Paint It!

Like Larissa, we love the lines of the Mid Century style table. However the laminate top was really worn and, I must say, quite ugly. Fortunately, Larissa from Prodigal Pieces dared to paint the table top with a good primer and a dark gray paint with a hint of brow. The outcome is just amazing! Source:

18. Create a Whitewashed Wood Décor

Whitewashing is a great way to age a table and brighten it up while keeping the wood grain showing. Donna updated this dark wood table using whitewash painting on the top.

19. Try DIY Concrete Table Top

Yes, you can add concrete top to your old table. It’s durable, easy to maintain and give an industrial modern look to an old fashioned piece of furniture. The wooden table went through a dramatic change but the result totally worth the mess of mixing concrete. Source:  

20. Simply go back to raw wood

May be you inherited an old table from you grand-mother or you just found a lovely table at your favorite thrift store. This table has a great shape or details, but the color is too dark. If the piece is made of wood (either solid wood or veneer), you can remove the old finish and give it a raw wood look. Despite all the elbow grease and dust involved, it totally worth it. We absolutely love the raw, natural wood tones of the refinished table.
Happy Makeover!  

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