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One of my favorite ways to save money is repurposing thrift store items to use as part of my home décor. Old wood mail sorters are an easy DIY project and can be found for cheap! Like this one, I repurposed a few months back.  You can see it HERE.

I found this one for $1.50.  It was marked at $2.99 but it was the color of the day, so I scored it for 50% off.  Even though it was outdated and had a few dings, it could still be saved!  And what’s going on with those gold accents? Eeekk! (Affiliate links are used in this post. I make a small profit if you order from my link at NO EXTRA cost to you. Thank you!)

Wood Mail Sorter With Gold Tacks
Mail Sorter Before

Repurposed Mail Sorter Plan

For this mail sorter, I decided to create a project for my Mom.  She loves gardening especially planting flowers. I thought this would be perfect to hold her seed packs and gloves as well as a few small tools that she may need.  And it could be attached right to her potting station.

I wanted the color of the mail sorter to be bright and reflect Springtime.  Therefore, I chose to use Dixie Belle’s Mint Julep.  It’s a beautiful pastel green and a great Spring color.

Jar of Dixie Belle's Chalk Paint in Mint Julep
Dixie Belle Mint Julep

The Prep

The first step was to remove the gold embellishments/tacks.   I used a flat head screwdriver to remove them by gently placing the head of the screwdriver under the tack. I also removed the large one at the top.

Using Flat Head Screwdriver to Remove Gold Tacks
Removing Gold Tacks

Once I had all of the gold tacks removed, I decided to replace them with white upholstery tacks that I had in my craft box.  This will be done after I paint the mail sorter.

White Tacks in Pack
White Upholstery Tacks

Next, I cleaned the mail sorter with my water and vinegar mixture.  It was dusty from sitting on the thrift store shelf.

Cleaning the Mail Sorter

Painting the Mail Sorter

After allowing the mail sorter to completely dry I applied one coat of paint.

Mail Sorter With One Coat of Dixie Belle Mint Julep Added
One Coat of Mint Julep

The second coat of paint was added an hour or so after the first one.  It only took two coats of paint to cover fully.

Applying a Second Coat of Dixie Belle Mint Julep to Mail Sorter
Second Coat

The Finishing Touches

Once it was completely dried, I gave it a light sanding with my 220-grit sandpaper just to smooth the surface.  and to distress around the edges. I wiped the sanding dust away with a piece of my tack cloth. I applied one coat of Polycrylic Spray to seal.

Using a small hammer, I attached the white furniture tacks over the existing holes in each corner. I used a cloth over the tack so the hammer would not damage the finish.

Hammering White Upholstery Tacks into Existing Tack Holes
Adding Upholstery Tacks

To add a more Springtime feel, I painted small flower wood appliques with one coat of white spray paint.  I found these on Amazon (link below).

Spray Painted White Wood Floral Appliques
Spray Painted

After they dried, I attached them with hot glue to the center of each slot, and one on the top.

Using Hot Glue to Attach Wood Floral Appliques to Mail Sorter.
Gluing Wood Floral Appliques

Similar Supplies

For less than $5.00, I created a unique piece of décor. My mom loved it!

After Mail Sorter Painted
Painted Mail Sorter
Side View of After Mail Sorter

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Repurposed mail sorter

Why not try your hands at repurposing a thrift store item? Not only is it budget-friendly but it keeps our landfills from filling up. Not to mention, something handmade is absolutely more special than a store-bought piece.  It’s also something you can share with your kids or even your grandkids. See a few of my thrift store makeovers HERE.

Remember, “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

15 thoughts on “Repurposed Mail Sorter”

  1. This is so sweet, the color and embellishments are awesome. I just gave one away that I had decoupaged years ago. I should’ve kept it!!

  2. Christina, I absolutely love this idea! What a great find! Hubby and I are gardeners too and your idea to repurpose this mail organizer into a seed packet holder (along with other gardening tools) is brilliant!

    Your choice in paint color and accents is perfect too. What a gift you have! ♥

      1. You are certainly welcome, Christina! They are very heartfelt and sincere. And thank you for your welcome. I’ve always enjoyed coming here 🙂 You are incredibly talented.

  3. The mail sorter looks so fresh and “happy” now. Love that color you used. I bet your Mom is over the moon with her garden storage. It’s so perfect for seed packets and whot nots.

  4. This is so pretty!! I love the color. I’ve been having thrift store withdrawals because I haven’t been in over a week!

    1. Thank you Anita! Yes it would never thought about that. And my plants definitely need to be fake because I do not have a green thumb! ??

  5. louanna nerland

    I bet your Mom was thrilled with her new garden helper. It turned out beautiful. Love the color.

  6. This is so cute. I’m definitely going to be looking for a mail sorter now. I have the paint but will use your link for the tacks and flowers. Thank you for such neat inspirational pieces.

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