How to Revamp a Pine Dresser in Just One Weekend

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Find out how to transform an old pine dresser to give it a timeless and elegant look in just under 48 hours.

We all have a solid pine chest of drawers or cabinet in our homes. If you don’t have any in stock at home, you may have stumbled upon one of these treasures at a thrift store or recycling center and felt torn between its perfect size and outdated style…

Don’t hold back next time! Giving old pine furniture a makeover is a great project for beginners. These yellowed pine pieces may not be fancy antiques, but they are still sturdy and well-made. Typically crafted from solid wood, they have held up well over time and are perfect for a fun revamp.

Turn that old pine dresser into a stunning piece of furniture in just a weekend! It’s easier than you think!

Here’s how Christelle gave this old pine dresser a makeover in just 3 simple steps. The journey started in a garage where it was buried under papers. Despite its solid wood and good condition, its outdated rustic look was a total snooze fest. Witness its transformation in just 48 hours! A project completed in the blink of an eye!

Day 1: Furniture Prep

Morning: Cleaning and sanding

Before diving into a furniture makeover, don’t forget the crucial step of giving it a deep clean! Not only will this prep your piece for a fresh coat of paint, but it also gives you a chance to spot any hidden repairs that may be needed.

Step 2 of the makeover: Sanding. If you’re painting the whole piece, a light sanding should do the trick. The goal is simple – rough up the varnish so the paint sticks well. But if the varnish is a hot mess and flaking everywhere, don’t be shy, sand the entire piece for a smooth surface. Because let’s face it, paint won’t fix flaky varnish. And those annoying little bumps from uneven surfaces will haunt you even after painting. So, sand away for that perfect smooth base before painting.

Before applying the primer paint, dust the furniture well. After sanding, I usually vacuum the entire piece once more. I also use a microfiber cloth dampened in rubbing alcohol to remove any sanding dust from the entire piece. The alcohol dries very quickly, allowing you to move on to the next step promptly.

Afternoon: Applying the primer paint

Make your furniture makeover last longer by applying a primer paint! This helps the main paint stick better and makes your finishing paint more resistant. Primer paint also smooths out the surface for a flawless final finish. Don’t skip this step if you want professional results!

When restyling furniture made from tannic wood like oak, using a primer paint can help prevent yellowish stains from appearing when repainting with a light color.

I’m not a fan of oil based paints because pigments and petroleum products that can be dangerous to humans and the environment. But I have to admit that oil-based primers effectively prevent tannin bleed so I’m using it for my projects. Check out how I repainted this Oak wood carved sideboard using primer paint and white paint. You should be very cautious when applying such products. Please wear a VOC mask like this 3M Reusable Respirator and ventilate well the room where you are painting.

Applying primer paint at the end of the day is ideal. It can be left to dry overnight. You will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your furniture look almost like new from day one.

Day 2: Painting and Finishing

Morning: First coat of paint

Christelle chose interior latex paint in satin finish for this makeover. You can definitely use regular latex paint to paint furniture. You don’t necessarily need to buy a paint specifically made for furniture. Preparing your surface is almost as important as choosing the right paint. If you’ve prepared your furniture well (cleaning, sanding) and applied a good primer paint, your paint should hold up. Check out how Christina painted this old armoire cabinet using green Sherwin Williams paint. However, if you’ve decided to give your kitchen furniture a makeover, I’d advise you to opt for a specific paint that will be more resistant.

Satin paint offers the advantage of not requiring a protective wax or topcoat, while matte paint may benefit from protection with a colorless wax or topcoat to prevent staining and damage from regular use.

Christelle selected a taupe-colored paint for the makeover. The color is timeless and elegant. If you like this kind of color, I suggest trying Dixie Belle Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint – Badlands. Another option is Country Chic All-in-One Paint – Sunday Tea, which has a grayer tone.

Afternoon: Second coat of paint

According to paint manufacturers, it is recommended to allow your paint to dry for 4 to 6 hours between coats. If you applied your first coat in the morning, you can apply the second coat in the afternoon.

Final touch: changing the drawer knobs!

Give your pine dresser the perfect finishing touch by changing the drawer knobs! At the end of the day, the paint on your dresser is now dry. You can now attach the new drawer knobs. If you don’t want to risk damaging your new paintwork, I recommend waiting until the following day before attaching the knobs.

In this case, the previous knobs were basic pine round knobs. Christelle has chosen round silver metal knobs, which offer a more sophisticated and cohesive look with the updated style of the chest of drawers. She simply attached the new knobs using the old hardware holes. 

To find beautiful knobs for your furniture, visit your favorite DIY store or Amazon. 

The weekend has ended, as well as this project. Please feel free to share your own projects or ask questions in the comments section.

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Happy Makeover!

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  1. Both of my grandparents passed away this past year and left us their house. Since we are all older and have homes of our own we are in the process of getting ready to sell it. You don’t realize how much stuff can fit in a home until you have to empty it. Thank goodness for dumpster rentals and thrift stores. Each of the grandkids decided to keep one item from the home as a memory. They have this beautiful dresser but it is old and would need some loving for me to want to put it in my home. Your post gave me inspiration! Can’t wait to get started on it this next weekend!

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