Upcycled Scrap Wood Bee Sign

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Today is the second out of the five days of DIY Crafting and using what I have on hand.  I am not sure if you are on my Facebook page, but I shared a video where I was nosing around in the Hubs shop (hee hee).  While on my little adventure, I found this piece of wood.  It was stained for some reason, but that was no biggie. Let’s see how I put together my upcycled scrap wood bee sign.

Scrap piece of wood stained.
Scrap Piece of Wood

I knew it would make a beautiful sign.  While brainstorming about DIY ideas, I realized I needed to add a bit of Spring pizazz to my entryway.  About a month ago, I gave it a makeover (which you can see here).  I used an old window as part of my décor for the wall.

Old window with decor.
Window Decor

One of the reasons that I love using old windows is that they are so versatile!  The decor piece can be changed out to coordinate with the changing holidays and seasons. 

Upcycled Scrap Wood Bee Sign

I decided that I would make a DIY rustic bee sign and use it on the window.  I also had this set of metal bees that I had purchased from Goodwill a while back for $2.99. 

Set of 4 metal bumble bees.
Set of 4 Bumble Bees

To start the sign project, I gave it a coat of paint.  I used a left over bottle of Folk Art Chalk Paint in white.

Adding Paint

After about an hour of drying time, I applied a final coat of the white paint.

Creating the Vinyl Decal

The Hubs worked his magic again and created a vinyl decal that read “Bee Happy” using our Cricut machine.

Bee Happy vinyl decal from the Cricut machine.
Vinyl Decal

Before he applied the decal to my painted piece of wood, I sprayed it with one light coat of Polycrylic and allowed it to dry for about an hour. 

Applying the Decal

Adding Final Touches

I found these stickers that I had purchased off of Amazon a few months back with intentions on using them for a project and never did.  I added a sticker to each corner.  They were self-adhesive so easy to apply.

Bee sticker.
Bee Sticker

I attached a picture hangar to the back.

As you can see, my vintage window has a shabby chic wooden floral piece.  It is actually hanging on a small nail.  I simply removed the décor piece and hung my sign.  See how easy it is to change up the window décor?

Here is where the metal bees come into play.  They came with a small hangar underneath the head.  I used a nail and hung one of the bees in the panel areas of the window. 

Back of bee showing hangar.

Similar Items Needed for Project

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Here it is attached to my vintage window.

Vintage window with bee decor.
Old Window With Bee Decor

I can even use it on top of a table. Check our my cute bee gnome!

Sign on Table Top

Of course, you do NOT have to have a vinyl machine.  You can simply freehand your words or use a stencil.  You can even print letters from your computer and trace them onto your sign (you can search Pinterest for tons of tutorials on how to do this).  These are items that I had on hand, so keep in mind you can use anything you can scrounge up!

Save this project for later!

Happy Crafting!


12 thoughts on “Upcycled Scrap Wood Bee Sign”

  1. Cheryl Atkinson

    Hi Christina! This is just too cute. I do not have a Cricut and my free hand writing is horrible but i do have a tutorial on how to copy an image. Thank you for the inspiration! Keep Crafting!

  2. My friend, you have done it again! This is one of the cutest and most creative projects you’ll find. Absolutely adorable! I’m blown away by your talents and your gift! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do and being who you are. You’re awesome, Christina! ♥

    I never come away from your site not smiling. So glad you shared this 🙂 Praying your day is happy, safe and ridiculously blessed!

    1. Hi Holly I hope you are well! Thank you for your sweet words 🙂 If I can put a smile on just one persons face in these troubling times it’s worth it! And you my friend always lift my spirits! ????????Hugs!

  3. This is adorable! The bees add such a nice touch for spring. ND that little gnome on your table is so cute!

  4. merrily stone

    your designs are such an inspiration and you make it easy, guiding us through each step. Staying happy indoors. Bee Safe, Merrily

    1. Thank you Merrily you are so sweet! It makes my heart happy to know I have inspired you! You Bee safe as well ❤️❤️

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