1$ Repurposed TV Cabinet Into Tool Organizer Cabinet: Painted Blue & Pegboard

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I was so excited to share this upcycled thrift store cabinet makeover with you! This month, I decided to take some time off to work on my shop.  When we moved in last year, I was busy with custom jobs and had no time to really organize and set it up as I wanted it.  I will be doing several updates and will share them on the blog, so stay tuned.  This is what it looks like now:

My shop before the cabinet makeover.
Current Situation!

I wanted the pieces that I chose to be functional, but also be repurposed.  All items that I used for the reno project have come from the thrift store.

Thrift Store Cabinet Find

Like this find.  I came across this cabinet at Goodwill.  It was sturdy and was on castors which would work well in the shop.  Sorry about the long post, I just had to share the story behind my find. See another thrift store cabinet makeover here!

Thrift Store Cabinet Before Makeover
Broyhill Cabinet

After looking it over, I found the price tag.  I was prepared to say NO and leave it if it was too pricey.  I could NOT believe what I saw.  There it was, in red marker.  $1.00, yep, you read correctly ONE DOLLAR!

Thrift Store Cabinet Price Tag
$1.00 WHAT?!

That is to say, I was totally beside myself.  So excited, in fact, I was squealing and jumping up and down.  Can you imagine the looks I got? ? My husband, of course, found this very amusing.  But he understood my enthusiasm.  I mean how many $1.00 pieces of furniture does anyone come across in their lifetime??  And the icing on the cake was that it was a Broyhill.  I have never been so excited about ripping that tag off and taking it to the cashier!

Save this project for later!

Thrift Store Vibes

When I got to the cash register, the cashier was just as happy as I was to see this piece sell.  The store was LOADED with furniture, and they had significant markdowns.  She told us it had sat in the store for over a month.  The original price was only $19.99, but I guess others could not see the potential this cabinet had. We loaded our thrift store cabinet into the back of the truck and brought it home!

Loaded Up!

My shop needed pieces that had lots of storage capacity.  The piece was perfect because it had three drawers, as well as shelving.  I pondered over it a day or two and finally came up with a plan.  Now, onto the thrift store cabinet makeover!

Thrift Store Cabinet Prep

First, we removed the damaged back and that hideous piece in the middle.  I also removed the drawers, the door, and the two shelves.  Because the door had this ugly wallpaper on the glass, we had to remove it.  Of course, it left a sticky mess!  Husband to the rescue!  He removed the glass from the door and sprayed it with Windex window cleaner and let it soak for about an hour.  He then took a scraper and gently removed the glue.  Once all the glue was removed, he gave the glass a good cleaning and set it aside.  All nice and clean!

Thrift Store Cabinet Glass Door

Secondly, I gave the entire piece and the drawers a good cleaning with my vinegar and water solution.  The bottom was also cleaned because it was rather nasty.  Always make sure to clean under pieces that have been used (click here to see why). 

Color Choice and Painting

My color choice was based on this valance that I purchased off Amazon.

Amazon valance inspiration for my color choice.
Teal and Gray Valance

I wanted the cabinet to match the turquoise in the valance as close as possible.  My color choice was Behr Placid Sea. 

Thrift Store Cabinet Color Behr Placid Sea paint
Behr Placid Sea

The Placid Sea was too dark for my likening. Therefore, I added white paint to lighten it up a bit.

Thrift Store Cabinet Lighter Color
After White Paint Added

It took two coats of paint to cover thoroughly.  My Behr paint has a primer in it so I did not need to prime. The drawers, as well as the door and shelf, were painted in the same manner.  One of the shelves was painted, the other one I would use on a different project. (I also painted the inside shelving part).

Thrift Store Cabinet After Two Coats of Paint
Two Coats of Paint

Adding Wax

Once the paint had dried thoroughly, I applied one coat of Waverly Clear Wax with a wax brush, allowing it to dry overnight.  

Waverly White Wax used to seal thrift store cabinet.
Waverly Wax

Meanwhile, the Hubs placed the glass back in the door while I added the hardware to the drawers.  We then added the knob to the door.

Whitewash and Distressing

The blue vibe was a bit overwhelming. Therefore, I decided to tone it down a bit by using a whitewash.  I achieved this by barely dipping the paintbrush in the white paint and brushing it lightly over the blue and wiping any excess off with a damp rag.  I lightly distressed the cabinet with 220-grit sandpaper.

Add Back

For the backing, I chose to use a piece of pegboard.  I purchased mine from our local Lowe’s. Most importantly, I could add hooks and hang my paintbrushes as well as tools that I used daily.

Pegboard back added to back.
Pegboard Back

Lastly, I added two baskets for even more storage.

Hooks added to hang tools and baskets added for storage.
Basket Storage

Thrift Store Cabinet Makeover- After

In conclusion, the thrift store cabinet makeover has really brightened up my shop.  I love the color.  Above all, I have tons of storage space! And at only $1.00, what more could you ask for!

Save this project for later!

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

24 thoughts on “1$ Repurposed TV Cabinet Into Tool Organizer Cabinet: Painted Blue & Pegboard”

  1. This way to also making nice addition to a mudroom Where the little ones could sit Put it on their boots or shoes drawers for storing gloves and hats et cetera Couple of code hooks on the side Off the peg board


    why didn’t you use chalk paint ? do you like regular paint for furniture better ? What would be different ?

    1. Hi Lynn! The color chalk paint that I needed was out of stock at my local store so I decided to buy regular paint. I use regular paint sometimes if I am planning on NOT distressing. I like both!

  3. What an awesome makeover! If i knew i could do this by myself i would definitely start looking but it is hard when you are in this alone. Great job!

  4. I just painted my laundry room the same shade of blue and painted the cupboard and all the trim white. I love it! I also painted my adjoining full bath the same as your original blue with a light faux finish with a rag. I also added white to it to do the laundry room and painted all the trim and cabinet white. They just make me happy to see them every day… Love your cabinet. You do an amazing job on everything you do. Judy Lowe

  5. I have an entertainment center just like your original but mine has 2 small doors on the bottom. I want to sell it because it’s taller than I am so dusting it is impossible for me. I know that you bought yours for $1.00 but how much would.you have been willing to pay for it? I love the blue.

    1. Hi and thank you. I am not sure without looking at it. The one I purchased was not real wood so that would have to be taken into consideration. 🙂

  6. What a lucky find and I love the idea of adding pegboard to the back. That’s genius and that blue and white combo is soooooooo pretty.

  7. What a great project. I wish my GWs that I visit regularly had buys like that! That blue is lovely. The pegboard is such a great idea!

  8. Wow! Only $1.00, I don’t think that I have seen any piece of furniture for a dollar at our Goodwill. I have found that ours charges higher prices than other around. I love how your cabinet turned out. Adding the peg board was very clever! LOVE!!!

    1. Thank you Linda! That’s why I did the happy dance in the Goodwill! It just so happened that they were at capacity with used furniture so they marked everything down. Just luck 🙂

      1. What a terrific find, and a great job of finishing the project ! and a usefulcabinet for storing things ! well done !!

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