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I’m sure you already asked yourself “What Can I do with my old TV stand?” With the introduction of flat screens, big TV cabinets and TV stands are not longer useful. These huge pieces of furniture often end up in storage. They can also be found in charity shops where they are often overlooked. May be that’s why we love repurposing old TV cabinets and entertainment centers. TV stands, TV cabinets and entertainment centers hold a lot of upcycling potential. Check our collection of 12 before and after repurposed TV stands and entertainment centers. Some are projects we’ve worked on over the past few years, some are projects we found browsing the web. For each project, we have tried to provide you with before and after pictures and step-by-step directions.

1. TV Cabinet to Linen Cabinet

Don’t get rid of your old TV armoire. They make great linen cabinets where you can store towels, bathrobes and vanity products. They’re smaller than regular armoire but larger than regular bathroom cabinet. Proof is this great project below. I’m totally in love with this pretty linen cabinet.
Source: Keepsmilinghome

2. TV Armoire Turned Nursery Closet

Turning an old TV cabinet into a custom armoire is often the first idea that comes to mind. Indeed, big TV cabinet make great armoires for clothes storage. I found them especially useful as children clothes storage solution. You can keep the doors or remove them for easier access to your baby’s clothes. Those who have tried to open a closet with a baby in their arms will understand… You can easily install an additional rail yourself inside just like Larissa did. With this neutral white paint and floral wallpaper in this inside, this upcycled entertainment center into child closet is just gorgeous!
Source: Prodigal Pieces

3. Vintage Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen

Old entertainment centers may also be turned into a play kitchens. According to Jamie who completed the project below, it was the most fun and hardest thing she has ever done. The result is amazing. Durable and unique! I’m a fan!
Source: Southernrevivals

4. Repurposed Television Armoire Cabinet Into Sideboard

Discover how Christina repurposed this giant TV cabinet into a charming sideboard by removing the top using a circular saw. Who would believe that this cute piece of furniture was originally found in a dumpster? Check out the step by step tutorial Here! Repurposed Television Armoire Cabinet Into A Sideboard & Painted White

5. Old TV Armoire Turned Coffee Bar

Old TV armoires make great coffee or wine stations. Simply remove the upper doors to get an open cabinet space. This space will be large enough to fit your coffee machine, sugar, a couple of cups and accessories. The space below may used to store your coffee stock and additional cups.
Source: Daisycreative

6. TV Cabinet Repurposed into Tool Organizer Cabinet

Check out how Christina repurposed this 1$ thrift store cabinet into a bright and convenient tool organizer cabinet. The old cabinet was painted blue, and pegboard was added on the back to hang paintbrushes and daily used tools. 1$ Repurposed TV Cabinet Into Tool Organizer Cabinet: step by step tutorial Here!

7. TV Cabinet Repurposed Into Sideboard Buffet

Even a damaged thrift store TV Cabinet made of particle board can be turned into a charming buffet thanks to white paint, a wooden top and new legs! $3.99 TV Cabinet Repurposed Into Sideboard Buffet: step by step tutorial Here!

8. Old Entertainment Cabinet Top Flipped Upside Down and Repurposed

Spoiler alert! This is one of my favorite repurposed pieces. Christina flipped this old entertainment center top upside down and repurposed it into a farmhouse style cabinet. I love this green color and the chicken wire doors! Old Entertainment Cabinet Top Flipped Upside Down: Step by Step Tutorial

9. Repurposed TV Stand Into Storage Bench

Another TV stand repurposed by Christina. This black television console cabinet had seen better days: the door just needed a new hinge and the top was scratched beyond. Repair. But its was sturdy enough and just the right height to upcycle it into a storage bench. TV Stand Repurposed Into Cabinet Bench Step by Step Here

10. Jewelry Cabinet Made From TV Cabinet

Not all repurposing projects involve paint. Rachel loved her cherry cabinet but knew it would never be a TV cabinet again. She decided to repurpose it into a jewelry and lingerie cabinet by adding shelving and jewelry storage. She utilizes the jewelry cabinet doors as hangers for her regularly used jewelry. Of course, with this beautiful cherry wood finish, painting it was not an option.
Source: The Ponds Farmhouse

11. TV Armoire Repurposed for Home Office Use

Organizing a dedicated space for remote work is not always easy. If you’re tired of working on the dining room table, it’s time to build yourself a committed space for telecommuting. Good news is old TV armoires may be repurposed into great storage solution for home office and you may also add a foldable desk inside the cabinet. Since she couldn’t add a room on to the house, Courtney turned a boring armoire into office space. Check out this before and after! Source: A diamond in the Stuff

12. TV Cabinet Turned Into Dresser

This old Tv cabinet was purchased for the sum of $16. What a find! The top part was cut using a jig saw. The newly cut dresser top was kind of ugly, so Carrie placed the very top of the cabinet on it. The new dresser was then painted blue. This transformation is amazing, I love it! Source: Saving 4 Six Happy Makeover!

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