Repurpose a Crown Royal Liquor Bottle

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My husband loves some Crown Royal. It has always been his favorite drink. Me, I am a good ole country girl who loves a beer! So, with that being said, we have a lot of these bottles laying around. I just can’t bring myself to throw them away. The glass etching is so beautiful. It’s easy to repurpose a Crown Royal liquor bottle into a shabby chic piece of decor.

Crown Royal Bottle
Crown Royal Bottle

After repurposing the Crown Royal liquor bottle, I planned to use it in my bedroom, next to my wedding picture. With that being said, I wanted it to have a feminine, shabby chic look. Affiliate links have been added for your convenience at no extra cost to you.

Supply List

Milk Paint Virginia Reel (you can use any color)

White Craft Paint

Old Costume Jewelry (or any kind of bling)

Chip Brush

Spray Polycrylic

I gave the bottle a good cleaning with soap and water. I let the bottle soak overnight in water and dawn dish detergent. This allowed the labels to scrub right off using a pot scrubby. If that doesn’t work, spray Windex on the label and allow it to soak. It should scrub right off.

The Paint Process

I poured out a little of the milk paint into a plastic container. I applied to coats of paint to the Crown Royal bottle. Each coat took about an hour to completely dry.

One Coat of Milk Paint

Adding a Shabby Chic Look

After I applied the second coat of milk paint, I did not like the look. It looked, well, purple. I decided to apply some white paint to brighten it up a bit. Using a bristle brush, apply a very small amount of the white paint, then dab it on a paper towel to remove any excess paint. Then apply it to the bottle by using very light strokes. This gave it a shabby chic look!

Adding White Wash

I knew I wanted to bling it up a bit, so I searched through some of the old costume jewelry that I never wore. I found an old cross pin which had purple tones. This would be perfect! I applied the cross with my hot glue gun onto the center of the bottle.

Giving my Repurposed Crown Royal Liquor Bottle “Bling”

I also had an old gray beaded bracelet that went with a set that I had previously broken. I wrapped it around the bottom part of the opening. Lastly, I applied self-adhesive pearl embellishments around the top. You can find these at Hobby Lobby.

What once was an old bottle is now a classy piece of home decor! And so easy to do! I have an entire box full of these that I plan to use. I will be sure and create a blog post for the next one I do.

Crown Royal After Photo

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“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”


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