Two Tone Round Coffee Table Makeover

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This makeover project conducted by my friends Chrystele. She purchased this outdated round coffee table for a bargain on the Facebook Marketplace. It was outdated but in a very good condition. Chrystele decided to go for the two tone look: she wanted to paint the legs with a dark color paint and leave the top natural.

It was made of solid old oak wood. It was sturdy and had nice curved legs. But this dark brown color, Yeks! It deserved better.

Outdated round coffee table before makeover

The table top was made with thick oak veneer. The wood marquetry is quite nice but I’m not a fan of stained oak. I like light natural oak wood or honey-colored oak, but this dark stained oak, definitely not a fan…Good news, removing the old finish and giving this coffee table a fresh new look would be an easy project.

The dark stained oak table top was in pristine condition.

Step 1 – Sanding the round coffee table

First stop, Chrystele sanded the entire table in order to remove the old finish. She sanded the top down to bare wood. The idea was to bring the original color of the wood back to life.

Chrystele also sanded the table legs by hand. No need to sand down to bare wood since she planned to paint the legs.

She then removed all the sanding dust. The coffee table was ready for painting. The table looks so much nicer without the dark finish.

Step 2 – Painting and Sealing the two tone coffee table

Chrystele painted the table legs with a dark purple paint. The color is almost black but is somehow deeper than pure black color. The table legs took two coats of paint to achieve full coverage. 

When you are painting oak, you should pay attention to paint bleed-through. These stains are particularly notable when you paint oak with light color paint. That’s why I always recommend priming before painting oak wood with light color paint. For this two tone table makeover, Chrystele chose a dark color, so priming was not needed.

As a top coat, Chrystele chose a wood saturator because it preserves the matt appearance of the wood. I’m not very familiar with wood saturators. I made a quick research. It appears that saturators are non-film-forming protective products. They are mostly used to protect exterior wood from climatic aggression.

Here is the final result. I really liked the way this table turned out.

Here is the two tone coffee table newly installed in Chrystele’s living room.

Supply List for the Two Tone Coffee Table Makeover

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Feel free to share you own DIY or ask any questions you may have.

Happy Makeover!

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