Black Painted Dresser + Yellow Drawers

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This is the story of a dark brown massive dresser. The piece was really big, without particular charm but it was sturdy and in good shape. This dresser was a perfect candidate for a makeover.

This makeover was carried out by Chrystele. She needed a dresser for her bedroom and saw the potential of this old dresser.

Supplies and Tools Used for this Makeover

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1. Prepping the Dresser

Here is how the big dresser looked before Chrystele painted it. She was so excited to start this makeover that she forgot to take a proper “before picture”.

She used a strong grease and wax remover to remove layers and layers of dark wax.

Once the wax was removed, she sanded the entire piece to obtain a smooth finish.

As you can see, the dresser was in very good condition. No split or crack, it did not require any repair.

After she removed the sanding dust, the dresser was ready for painting.

2. Painting the Dresser & Adding Decorative Elements

Chrystele really wanted to bring a modern touch to this dresser so she chose to paint it black. At this stage, Chrystele was not sure she would paint the drawers’ face or not. So she started by painting the furniture body.

She applied two coats of black paint. She tried to put the drawers back in place to see how the dresser would look with natural wood drawers.

She finally decided the paint them black as well. Lastly, she added some golden decorative elements purchased in a flea market on each drawer. The dresser top remained unpainted.

Decorative elements were glued on each drawer front.

We like the contrast between the black drawers and the natural wood top. It is modern and classy at the same time.

When Chrystele opened the drawers, she realized something was missing. That how she decided to paint the inside of the drawers in yellow.

She applied yellow paint using a small paint roller and a round brush.

It took two coats of yellow paint to achieve full coverage.

It looks so much better when your open the drawers. Painting the inside was definitely a good idea.

I really like the mix of bright yellow and black.

Here is the final result! Chrystele was very satisfied with how this makeover turned out. She couldn’t wait to install it in her bedroom.

Save this project to your Pinterest inspiration board for later!

Feel free to share you own dresser makeover or ask any questions you may have.

Happy Makeover!

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