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This chest of drawers is perfect for any space but it has seen better days. The top and second drawer were marked by years of hard use. However, it is made of solid wood with beautiful oak veneer. Its solid construction ensures a long-lasting piece of furniture. It has been updated with a modern twist, featuring contemporary colors and design elements such as the geometric triangle patterns on the drawers and the matte varnish that protects them. The brass handles add an elegant touch that goes well with the vintage style. Inside, two of the drawers are lined with fabric to store delicate items. This chest of drawers will add a touch of style and charm to any room in your home!

Read on for this chest of drawers makeover by Amelie.

Tools and Supplies You Will Need for this Makeover

Prep Work


To make sure this piece will look its best, it’s important to give it a good clean. Amelie started by wiping down the entire dresser with a damp cloth to remove dust. For tougher areas, you may use a vacuum cleaner and a soft scrub brush. Once she had finished cleaning, she used a dry cloth to remove any excess dirt and moisture.


The golden oak veneer was in rather good condition, although there were small scratches and stains due to its age. The veneer on top of the dresser and one of the drawers were in bad condition. Amelie decided to leave the piece in its original condition except for the damages parts. She would hide the scratches with paint. She sanded the top of the dresser and the drawer front that would receive sa fresh coat of paint.


Before painting Amelie applied primer paint to prevent any bleed-through. Premier paint also allows better adherence so it’s always a good idea to prime.

The top was painted in dark charcoal, and a drawer was painted in a medium-dark shade of brown. The top took two coats of paint to achieve full coverage.

Amelie applied two coats of fresh paint as well on the drawer fronts.

The inside of the drawers were in pristine condition so Amelie first decided to leave them unchanged.

Amelie who used to sell flipped furniture listed this piece right away. Unfortunately, it did not sell. Something was missing…

After a few weeks of unsuccessful listing, Amelie brought the dresser back to her workshop. She decided to add a more modern twist to this vintage dresser.

She painted geometric triangle patterns on the other dresser drawers, in a very light pink. This color, which is a house mix of pink and white paint is almost white.

She applied a mat finish varnish to protect the paint. 

Finishing Touches

The interior of the drawers was also covered with fabric: two drawers with a fine cotton fabric with half-moon geometric patterns, and the other 2 with a very beautiful imitation leather in a bright mustard yellow.

The brass handles are original and in great condition. So they were simply cleaned and reattached in the same place, without the need to drill new holes.

 And here it is, all finished!

This chest of drawers will add a touch of style to your home, as well as practical storage space for your belongings!

The brass handles provide an extra level of elegance and style, while the matte varnish provides additional protection for the wood.

The two drawers are lined with fabric to store your delicate items safely.

This vintage piece has been updated to match contemporary and modern interiors, with its Scandinavian design. 

We love the way this chest of drawers makeover turned out!

Remember, when you see an old, outdated piece: “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

Happy Makeover!

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