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Hello.  Another Monday here. But the days all seem to run together! This is day 4 of the 5 Days of Crafting where I encourage you to create a craft using what you have on hand.  Today I am sharing my DIY clipboard idea.  I purchased these clipboards from the Goodwill at 99 cents each.  They have sat in my craft stash for quite some time.

Old clipboards from thrift store.
Old Clipboards

Over on my Facebook page, I shared how the Hubs and I moved our mini office into the corner of my shop.  I had two of these foam floral pieces of décor that I found at Hobby Lobby some time ago on the clearance aisle for $2.49 that I added to the wall next to the window that I face.

Foam black and white floral decor
Foam Floral Decor

I felt it needed a few more pieces of décor.  I knew the clipboards would make great pieces to hang on the wall.

Painting the Clipboards

Since the floral wall décor was black and white, I decided to paint the clipboards black.  I had Rust-Oleum chalk paint on hand in Charcoal.

Can of Rust-Oleum Charcoal Paint
Rust-Oleum Paint

I wiped down the clipboards with a paper towel just to remove the dust.  Then, I applied one coat of the paint to each clipboard.

Clipboard with black paint
Charcoal Paint

I held the clip at the top up with my hand and painted underneath.

Holding clip up to paint underneath
Holding Clip

Adding Wax

Once the clipboards dried, I gave them a coat of Minwax Dark Wax wiping on with a lint-free cloth. 

Can of Minwax Special Dark Wax
Minwax Special Dark

Adding Embellishments

I found these black and silver embellishments in my craft box.  I used my hot glue and placed one on each of the clips.  

Black and silver embellishments

This is how they look with the embellishment added.

Embellishment added to clip
Embellishment Added

The Printables

I used my Canva program to create an 8×10 printable for each clipboard.  I just used regular copy paper.  Funny side note.  I had all of my photos taken and edited when I noticed I made a booboo!  Do you see it?  Yep, “Word” instead of “Work” haha so I had to start over! 

Two printables one showing typo
Typo in Printable

I used a small nail to hang the clipboards on the wall under my floral pieces. 

Clipboard with printable hanging on wall
Hang with Nail

Now my wall is complete.  On one side I can look outside and enjoy nature because of the window.  In front, right above my computer are is my beautiful wall art. 

Clipboards on wall
Clipboards on Wall

Never pass up clipboards at the thrift store.  They make great décor and can be used in all kinds of different ways.

Side view of decor on wall

Remember, you can use what you have on hand to craft! Use that creativity that we all have deep down inside!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Clipboard Idea”

  1. Marie InteriorFrugalista

    This is too funny, Christina. This weekend I moved back into my freshly painted home office. When unpacking the boxes I found 6 clipboards and guess what I did with them… I love the printables you made for yours!

    1. Hi Marie! Trying to put a smile on everyone’s face during these times of craziness! Yay 6! Did you hang them in your office? Can’t wait to see!

  2. These are so cute! What a great idea!! We have a couple of clipboards that we’ve had for years. The kids have drawn all over them, there’s paint splatters and who knows what else all over them. It would be perfect to paint them and hang them for my daughter’s art work! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Michelle! They would be perfect for that and you can change out the art work when she does a new project!

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