Old Wood Window Frame Repurposed Into Mantel Decoration

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We had just recently moved into a new home and I needed a piece of décor for the fireplace mantel. I decided to repurpose an old wood window frame. I had just purchased several as a bundle deal. There were a total of 10 for $30.00. Not a bad price and they all were WOOD.

The wall above the fireplace was long and tall so I knew the piece needed some height. I also wanted it to make a statement because the fireplace was the first thing your eye is drawn to as you walk in our front door.

I chose the larger window because it had no glass. The chippiness was an added bonus! I did not even have to add any paint.

Repurpose Old Wood Window

My husband mentioned he had some scrap wood that he needed to get rid of and asked if maybe we could incorporate that somehow. That’s when I had a perfect idea! We would use the scrap wood and cut them into strips. The wood strips would be placed on the window frame on the back in a vertical direction using a nail gun. Here is what it looked like after he attached the wood:

Planked Wood

I then decided that staining the wood pieces would give it more depth! I used Minwax Special Walnut (you can get here) Stain and applied one coat. Look how beautiful!

Minwax Dark Walnut

I then sealed the entire piece by spraying a coat of clear coat by Krylon in Matte (you can get here) to the entire piece. But I still felt like it was missing the “wow” factor. Off to the shop I went to plunder through my stash. There has to be something in there that would work.

Finding the Decor Piece

As I was searching, I came across this white, metal décor piece I purchased from Hobby Lobby because it was on sale. I do that a lot. I buy items that are on sale, even though I do not know what I plan to do with them! It was the perfect size and shape.

I attached the metal décor piece using a small nail. I just simply measured where the center would be and added the nail. The piece of decor already had a hangar, so it was very easy to add to the window.

Here is the finished product. I just love using vintage wood windows in my decor for my home. There are so many things that you can do with them.

Here is the window on my fireplace mantel.

I have tons of these, so I plan on creating different projects. They can even be used as they are like I did with my Fall fireplace mantel you can see HERE.

Supply List

Minwax Special Walnut Stain

Old Wood Window

Chip Brush

A Piece of Decor

Wood Strips

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“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

8 thoughts on “Old Wood Window Frame Repurposed Into Mantel Decoration”

  1. Love this. Question. Will you be showing more of the wood cutting and tools of the trade in future posts? You don’t have affiliate links either. Just a thought. I am a visual person. i need to see exactly how it was done. LOL

    1. Yes I am trying to do that in newer post. I have only been blogging for over a year so I am still getting the hang of it lol! Thank you for your suggestions and I will definitely take them into consideration! Keep them coming ??

  2. Great repurpose! This is awesome! Love the distressed frame with the wood pieces. Perfect background for the metal decor.

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