Vintage Frame DIY Makeover

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One of my favorite items to upcycle are vintage wood frames.  I found this unique set at my local thrift store.  The set was marked at $2.99, but it happened to have the Color of the Day tag.  Therefore, I scored them for $1.50.  Read on to see the Vintage Frame DIY Makeover that is simple and easy!

Vintage Frames Before Makeover
Vintage Frame DIY Makeover

Don’t you just love the curves!  And the cute flower tacks? And it’s all wood!

Beautiful curves and flower tacks.
Beautiful Curves and Flower Tacks

I knew the perfect place for these frames.  Our master bedroom makeover is about to start, and these would look awesome on our wall displaying our wedding pictures.  This is the wall I plan to use them on with a few other items that I have. It is painted light gray. Stay tuned for blog posts sharing all the renovations! You can see I have been collecting items!

Blank Wall

Now, let’s get started making these pretty!

Vintage Frame DIY Makeover

First, I removed the hinges so that I would be left with two separate frames.

Removing the Hinges
Removing the Hinges

Next, the flower tacks and the plastic protector needed to be removed as well. The frames were wiped down with a Lysol wipe.  Not only does it disinfect, but they also smell good!

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Thrift Store Frame Makeover

My color choice for the frames was white.  The overall theme for my master bedroom makeover is the farmhouse theme.  I wanted items that would look worn and old.  I knew the frames, with their beautiful curves and dark wood would be perfect for distressing!

Waverly Inspirations White Chalk Paint
Waverly Inspirations White Paint

Each frame took exactly three coats of the paint.  I allowed about 30 minutes of drying time between each coat of paint. This was after the second coat.

Second Coat of Waverly Chalk Paint
Second Coat of Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint

After the frames dried, I used my 220-grit sandpaper to distress around the edges and the curves.  See how they stand out now?  I think it gives the frames a farmhouse, worn look.

Distressed Vintage Frame

I removed the sanding dust with a piece of tack cloth.  To seal the frames, I applied one coat of Minwax Wax using a lint-free cloth.

I reassembled the frames after the wax dried overnight. 

Reassembling the Vintage Frame
Reassembling the Vintage Frame

I placed two black and white photos under the plastic piece, and the cute flower tacks held them in place. Make sure to hold the picture up so you can line up the holes with the tack. (Note: My photos were printed on regular printer paper.)

Aligning the Photo With Tack Holes
Aligning the Tacks

The back already has predrilled holes to hang.

Predrilled Holes
Predrilled Holes


This project cost less than $5.00 and took only about 20 minutes to complete. Check out the difference! Such beauties now! Please share, sharing is caring! I appreciate it so much!

Vintage Frame DIY Makeover After

Supply List:

Waverly Inspirations White Chalk Paint

Chip Brush

Frames (Can be any frames that you may have)

Minwax Paste Finishing Wax

220-grit Sandpaper

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  1. Those old frames look gorgeous painted white! Dang, I wish I could come across frames just like these for a family photo collage I’ve got stewing around in my head. Love the black & white photography, color photos would not look near as good! Pinned

    1. Thank you this was a lucky find! I have been thrifting for awhile and have never came across frames like these, so I was excited when I saw these ❤️❤️

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