Repurposed Chest of Drawers into a Cabinet for Quilting Supplies

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I have a client who is currently renovating a family farmhouse into a quilting studio.  She had recently seen one of our repurpose chest of drawer projects (you can see it here) and asked if we could do the same thing and turn her chest of drawers into a cabinet.  The cabinet will serve as storage for quilting supplies.  This repurposing would be a fun project the Hubs and I could complete together.

Chest of Drawers before
Chest of Drawers Before

The project would consist of removing the drawers and rails, constructing three shelves, adding wood to the inside back and sides, and lastly constructing a door.

Prepping the Chest of Drawers

To start the project, the Hubs removed all the drawers.  I can use these for future projects!  They are so many projects you can do with old drawers. He then removed the drawer rails and the drawer support pieces on the front.

Drawers removed from chest of drawers
Future Projects!

This is what it looked like when he was finished removing the pieces we would not use.

Inside Gutted

Painting the DIY Repurposed Chest of Drawers

While the Hubs was busy constructing the inside pieces, I painted the chest of drawers. The client’s paint color choice was Dixie Belle’s Cobalt blue. I applied one coat of the paint to the sides and the top.  After about 2 hours of drying time, I applied the final coat. This blue is gorgeous!

Two coats of Dixie Belle Cobalt Blue added to chest of drawers.
Two Coats of Dixie Belle Cobalt Blue

Our wood choice was a sheet of plywood from our local hardware store.  This wood is for the shelves as well as the inside back and side pieces.  Look at that beautiful grain!

Plywood showing wood grain
Beautiful Wood Grain


The first order of business was to cut three pieces to place inside the chest of drawers.  One of the pieces would be added to the back and two pieces would be added to each side. He also cut three shelving pieces.

Sawing plywood pieces
Sawing Plywood

The Hubs cut two small shelving blocks from scrap 1×4 and glued and then nailed them inside the chest of drawers.  The small blocks would serve as the support pieces for the shelves.

Adding blocks of wood to support shelves
Shelving Support

The blocks were attached and the shelves were nailed into place. He also cut trim from a 1×4 to place on the outside of the shelf front.

Here is the chest of drawers with all the construction of the inside complete.

Chest of drawers inside completed with shelves

Staining and Door Construction

I stained the inside of the cabinet using Minwax Special Walnut.  I allowed it to dry overnight.  Once it dried, I applied a coat of Dixie Belle’s Spray Wax

repurposed chest of drawers, Inside Stained
Inside Stained

The next day, the Hubs constructed the door using 1×4’s. He measured the inside of the cabinet where the door would be placed and cut accordingly. He used glue and pocket hole screws to construct the door.

Framing the cabinet door
Cabinet Door

Before attaching the door to the cabinet, I stained it using the Special Walnut.  After it completely dried overnight, I sprayed it with a coat of the spray wax

Staining door
Applying Stain to Door

The Hubs then added the chicken wire by stapling it onto the inside frame of the door after the wax was completely dry (about 2 hours). We love our Surebonder Staple Gun!

Stapling chicken wire

He attached the door to the cabinet with two hinges. 

Hinges for the door
Adding Hinges to the Repurposed Chest of Drawers
Hinges added to door
Hinges Added

To seal the outside of the cabinet, I used Dixie Belle’s Easy Peasy Spray Wax applying one coat. 

I had a wood knob in my stash, and I knew it would be perfect for the door!

Wood knob
Wood Knob

From an old chest of drawers to a beautiful, colorful cabinet for the quilting studio! I love the Cobalt Blue with the stain accents.  It really makes it unique.

Repurposed chest of drawers into storage cabinet
Repurposed Chest of Drawers After
Chest of Drawers Repurposed  into a storage cabinet

Christina 🙂

Save this project for later!

14 thoughts on “Repurposed Chest of Drawers into a Cabinet for Quilting Supplies”

  1. Tammy E Whaley

    I don’t care for the blue, I would prefer fresh cut grass, Dill pickle or June bug. They are beautiful green colors and look great in any room. They are from blackberry house paint.

  2. Stunning!!!!! I can would never have said it was the same piece you started with, but it’s so perfect for showcasing quilt and I love that blue

  3. Wow, you’d never know it was the same chest of drawers! You guys rocked this makeover. Your client must have been thrilled with her new farmhouse quilt storage cabinet.

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