Repurposed Sideboard Cabinet Turned Into a Kitchen Island

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I am so excited to share this project with you today. I repurposed an old sideboard cabinet into a Kitchen Island.

If you follow along on my Facebook page (HERE), you would have seen that I scored a truckload of FREE furniture!

Truck Load of Free Furniture

One of the pieces that were included was this small sideboard cabinet.

Here are the other pieces, just in case your curious. This one is my favorite! A vintage dresser on casters.

Vintage Dresser
Vintage Dresser on Casters

Also included were these two dressers.

White Dresser Missing Bottom Drawers
White Dresser
Long Dresser Missing Top Drawers
Long Dresser

They all need work, and I can’t wait to start on them! Now back to the repurposed sideboard cabinet.

How We Repurposed an Old Cabinet into a Kitchen Island

While having dinner one night, an idea came to mind for this piece.  I have always wanted a kitchen island.  Our kitchen is rather small but has an open space that would be perfect for a small kitchen island.  Once I blurted out my idea, the Hubs just laughed.  He is used to me just randomly blurting out thoughts.  We discussed the plan, and both agreed. This is how the repurposed sideboard cabinet was constructed into a kitchen island.

Supplies for the DIY Kitchen Island

Dismantling Sideboard Cabinet

The next day, it was time to dismantle the sideboard.  First, the top was removed and saved for a later project. This was not an antique sideboard but still, it was made with solid wood.

Top Removed From Sideboard Cabinet
Top Removed From Sideboard Cabinet

He then removed the doors as well as the back panel.  I wanted the island to be accessible from both sides.

Removing Doors
Removing Doors

Here is what it looked like after all the pieces were removed that we would not use.

Doors, Back and Top Removed From Sideboard Cabinet
Doors, Back and Top Removed

New Construction

A piece of trim was added to the bottom on the back where the back piece was removed by using a 1×4 spruce board.  The edges were rounded by sanding. Trim was also added to the back.

Trim Added to Bottom of Sideboard Cabinet
Bottom Trim

It was attached using wood glue and nails.

Adding Trim to Back of Sideboard Cabinet
Adding Trim

Next, he constructed a new top using pre-cut panels from the Home Depot. These panels are easy to use solid wood panels.

Cutting Spruce Panel

He also constructed two shelving pieces.  It took a total of 3 panels.  One would be used where the drawers were missing, and the other on the bottom. 

Spruce Panel Board
Spruce Panel

The top and shelves were sanded with a piece of 220-grit sandpaper using our DeWalt Orbital Sander.  These shelving pieces already come pre-sanded and ready to use. We just like a smoother surface, so we sand lightly with our 220-grit sandpaper.

Staining Panels

I removed the sanding dust with a piece of my tack cloth.  My stain color choice was English Chestnut.  My plan was to paint the cabinet black, so this color would be beautiful!  It has a deep dark reddish tint.  Each one was given one coat of stain.  They were then laid to the side to dry while the rest of the project was completed.

Adding Stain to Spruce Panel
Staining Panels

The Painting Process

I sanded the sides of the sideboard cabinet with 220-grit to scuff up the surface. There were no significant scratches or imperfections that needed attention.

Sanding Sideboard Cabinet
Sanding Sideboard Cabinet

After sanding, I gave the entire cabinet inside and out a wipe down with my vinegar and water solution.   

My color choice for the island was Dixie Belle’s Caviar,  a beautiful black.  I painted the entire cabinet inside and out as well as the new trim.  It took only two coats to fully cover.

Repurposed cabinet with Two Coats of Dixie Belle's Caviar Paint
Two Coats of Black Paint

Once the paint completely dried, I lightly sanded the entire cabinet with 220-grit sandpaper.  After removing the sanding dust, I applied one coat of Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in black to seal the piece. 

Applying Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Black
Applying Wax

I applied one coat of Minwax Wipe-On Poly to each stained wood panel.

Minwax Wipe-On Poly
Wipe-On Poly

Final Assembly of the Repurposed cabinet into Kitchen Island

The piece sat overnight, allowing the topcoat to dry as well as the wax.  The next day, the Hubs added the small shelving panel by screwing it into the existing drawer frame.

Attaching Top Shelf
Attaching Top Shelf

The top was added by screwing from the bottom of the frame using wood screws. This is when I realized I DID NOT stain underneath! I did go back and stain.

Adding New Top to Kitchen Island
Attaching Top

Holes for a shelf were already on the bottom portion of the cabinet. Therefore, all we had to do was add shelf brackets.

Adding Bottom Shelf to Kitchen Island
Adding Bottom Shelf

Lastly, we laid the island on a towel to protect the paint and attached the casters to the bottom in each corner.

Adding Casters to Kitchen Island
Adding Casters to the Repurposed Sideboard Cabinet

I found this rustic looking hangar at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. We attached it to the side of the kitchen island.

Adding Rustic Hangar to Side of Cabinet
Hobby Lobby Hangar

Here is the finished kitchen island.  I am totally excited with the finished piece! It fits perfectly in our kitchen space.  We also have a blank wall next to our dining room table that we can move it to if need be.  The casters make it mobile, which is super helpful!

Side Angle of Cabinet

Here it is in our kitchen.

Sideboard Cabinet Repurposed Into Kitchen Island
Sideboard Cabinet Repurposed Into Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island After Picture
Kitchen Island in our Kitchen

What would you do with the three FREE dressers I mentioned above? Let me know what you think! Would love to hear from you.

Save this project for later!

Remember, when you see an old, outdated piece: “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

Happy Makeover!

21 thoughts on “Repurposed Sideboard Cabinet Turned Into a Kitchen Island”

  1. Universal Stone

    Transformation of the table to kitchen island is amazing and beautiful way for reusing! Loved it and keep it up!

    1. Hello Krystal, no, the Minwax stain is not labeled food safe, as most stains. Normally stains are non-toxic after curing for 30 days, but your finishing has the most impact on toxicity. We recommend covering a wood table when eating anyway, so you don’t have to manage damage from wet food spills!

  2. Wow! That is the best transformation ever! You guys are very creative and talented. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Gracie Redfield

    I love the kitchen island, and I can`t wait to see what you do with the other pieces that you received! Your creativity inspires me, and the products you use are perfect for the tasks at hand. I am going to buy a can of that wipe-on poly–just what I`ve been looking for! <3

  4. Oh my goodness this is too cute! I love this project. I never would have thought to turn an old cabinet into a kitchen island. It looks so good in your kitchen, too. And I love how the idea just came to you while eating dinner. ?

    1. Thank you my friend! That’s how I roll sometimes lol it just pops in my head. The Hubs just sits there and stares at me ???

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