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Today, I wanted to share a peek inside my workshop. I am never sure what to call it! Most of the time I say studio, or office and everyone here knows what I am referring too. Let us look inside my workshop space here at CFR (Christina Faye Repurposed), and see where the magic happens. Here is my workshop tour.

The Actual Space

My space is a garage that was closed in to make one large room.  While I cannot do some things inside, like sanding, it is very functional for just about everything else.

Overall Work Space
CFR Workshop

The photos I will be sharing are in their “natural” state, not staged, but taken “at the moment” so to speak.  I wanted you to get the feel for the area and how I work.

Storage Area

When you first walk in, you will see my storage wall.  It is where I keep all my supplies that I do not use daily.  My paints, stains, clear coats, and other junk are stored inside the cabinets.  The cabinets are from Goodwill.  You can see the full tutorial HERE.  We purchased four sets for less than $35 bucks.  The Hubs added a piece of shelving board to the top.  To class it up a bit, we added three wood shelves.  These shelves are SUPER simple.  They are 1×6’s that were cut to length, stained, and placed on shelving brackets from Hobby Lobby (around $3 each).

Storage cabinets with shelving above them
Storage Area

The baskets, as well as the Supply iron basket, are all from our local Dollar General.  The “I Love Junk” is an iron, rusty piece I purchased off of Etsy around 5 years ago.  I had two black frames in my stash that were used for the printables that I made in Canva and printed myself.

Small Office Area

The next area is the small office space for the Hubs and I.  The Hubs built the two desks you see a few years back using 2×6’s. (Notice all the cords underneath? My older son visited and used my computer monitor in another room. This is how he leaves it when he places it back). I can’t STAND cords showing so I will be working on that!

Small Corner Office Area
Office Area

The black and white desk organizer was a thrift store find.  All I did was paint and add a vinyl decal to the drawer.  It holds my post-it notes, receipts and other items that I may need at my fingertips. 

Storage Box Thrift Store Find

The beautiful mug that holds my writing utensils was made by my three granddaughters. 

Coffee mug made by my granddaughters with flowers on front
Coffee Mug

The office chairs are from Amazon (HERE), and they are SO comfortable!

The wall to the left of the window that is in front of me needed a bit of bling.  You can see the tutorial HERE.  The clipboards are from the Goodwill, and the two black and white round pieces I found on the Hobby Lobby clearance aisle for $2.00 each.

Clipboard art on wall
Clipboard Art

Staging Storage Area

The next area is my staging/thrift store stash area (yep it’s messy!).  The shelves you see I purchased off Amazon (HERE).  They’re great because they have wheels so I can move them around if need be (they do lock).  They were easy to put together; I think the Hubs and I had them together within 20 minutes. 

Staging items on shelves
Staging Items

The Hubs made the vinyl quote using our Cricut Vinyl Machine.

The Main Stage

In the center is where MOST of the action happens.  The Hubs constructed me a worktable.  It is on wheels as well to make it easy for me to maneuver and move around.  I left it in its natural wood state because I knew it would be getting paint, stain and whatever else I could throw at it all over it haha!

Shop table constructed with wood
Shop Table

The flooring underneath is from Amazon (HERE), and I must say I LOVE IT and you can’t beat the price!  I stand on my feet a lot at the worktable, and this padding gives me support.  My worktable rolls right over it with no issues.  I am planning on adding more to make the area larger. It keeps all the paint and yuck off the floors.

Foam Flooring
Foam Flooring

The Photography Wall

Lastly, before you walk out, you will see a white, blank wall.  This is where I take all my photos of my furniture and thrift store makeovers.  I have a set of photography lights that I purchased from Amazon (HERE) that are extremely easy to use.  You do not have to be a professional photographer to use these.  They do lighten up my photos very nicely.

Blank white wall with photography lights.
Photography Wall

I spend around 5-6 hours a day in my workshop.  If I am not creating, I am sitting at the desk working on blog content.  It is a comfy space and I love it! Even though it’s messy sometimes haha. It is functional and budget-friendly.

Do you have a workshop/space? Share it with me I would love to see! If you are thinking about putting one together, consider visiting your local thrift store first to see if you can find items that can be easily upcycled and reused!

Christina 🙂

8 thoughts on “Christina’s Workshop Tour”

  1. Your workshop looks amazing! I’m assuming those cabinets hold all your paint? Lol! I was looking all over for it! The puzzle floor is so neat. I had to show that to my husband. We might have to get that whenever we finally get a new house. My work space right now is the couch and the kitchen table! ????????

  2. Thanks Christina. I so appreciate that you showed your workspace in “real time”, rather than staged. I appreciate that you are just showing life like it is. Keep it up!

  3. Gracie Redfield

    Your organizational skills are great, Christina! How wonderful that you have all your supplies and projects at hand!

    I have the same shelves—two on my patio for my potted plants, and two in the “presentable” (lol) bathroom for behind-the-curtain storage. I live in a tiny, old townhouse with minimal storage space, and all the bedrooms are occupied. I do furniture re-purposing on the patio and small projects on my dining table. Where there`s a will, there`s a way!

    1. Hi Gracie! I use to work out in a hot garage or if it was cold whatever space inside I could find so I feel your pain! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I hope you are safe and well.

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