Dining Table & Chairs Makeover: Painted Two Tone Yellow And Black

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Not only do I blog and DIY, but I also do custom jobs for clients and friends in my local area.  One of the most requested jobs that I receive is flipping dining room sets.  Many of the dining sets have seen better days, while others need a little refreshing.

This is one of the reasons that I paint furniture.  Outdated pieces need paint to make them look new and beautiful again.  Furniture pieces that have seen better days may need a little more work, but paint can make all the difference!  There are times when painting the furniture piece is the only option.  Dings, scratches, not real wood, the list goes on and on.  The dining room sets I am sharing with you today are pieces that need a little extra attention or needs to be rejuvenated. Here are a few of my dining room set makeovers. (Affiliate links are included in this post).

The Faded Blue Dining Room Set

While this table and chair set was in great shape, the client was tired of the dull, faded blue.  The light top had seen better days and looked, well, pale.  It just needed a bit of color to replace the faded blue.

Faded Blue Dining Set Before

The client’s request was to paint the table and chair with Dixie Belle’s Daisy, a bright, vibrant yellow.  She also asked that the tabletop and the chair seats be stained a darker color.

I used a gel stain to darken the top and chair seats.  The color is Hickory.

Dixie Belle’s Daisy and Minwax Hickory Gel Stain

Look at the difference!  The finished table now had a beautiful pop of color!  The darker gel stain with the yellow paint gives this set an entirely different look!

Faded Blue Dining Room Table After

The Whitewashed Set

This set just needed a little bit of TLC, nothing major.  You can see here that the top had initially been painted with a whitewashed finish.  The chairs’ seats were upholstered in an off-white linen color.  There was no “WOW” factor.  Nothing that could not be fixed!

The top was sanded down to expose the raw wood.  A coat of Dark Walnut stain was applied.  Look at the difference!

Whitewashed Table Top After Stain

The client also requested that the fabric on the chair seats be replaced with wood.  Of course, the Hubs obliged!  I swear this man of mine can build anything!  The upholstered seat was removed and replaced with the new wood seat.  It was stained in the same Dark Walnut stain as the tabletop.

Whitewashed Dining Table Chair After

The last step was to give the chairs and table base a fresh coat of white paint.  To finish this set, I lightly distressed around the edges and legs.

Now the set has the “WOW” factor.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Whitewashed Table After

Isn’t it just beautiful in the client’s dining room?  Those few small changes brought this set back to life.

Whitewashed Table in Client’s Dining Room

The Vintage French Provincial Set

As you can see by looking at the before shot, this set was the “yellow” looking furniture from times past.  Outdated and discolored. 

French Provincial Before

The chair backs were wicker, and the upholstery was very outdated.

On the other hand, the top was gorgeous and in pristine shape. We left it in its original state.

The client requested that the set be painted white and antique glazed.  They chose a beautiful bright burgundy fabric for the chairs. 

Here is the set after.  See how amazingly charming it looks now?  Clean and crisp!  Not dull and stale. I also gave the matching china hutch a makeover as well.

Client’s Dining Room After

Brown Dining Room Set

The final dining set I would like to share with you is this one.

Brown Dining Set Before

The client had inherited it from her grandmother.  It wasn’t in terrible shape.  All it needed was a new paint job and new chair seats to bring this back to life.

Outdated Fabric on Chair

After consulting with the client, she requested that the table and chairs be painted white and distressed.  She also wanted to replace the ugly upholstered seats with wooden seats.

The new wood seats were stained in Special Walnut. Here is an after picture of one of the chairs.

Chair After

Look how beautiful and bright!  Isn’t it just gorgeous?  Now grandma’s table can be handed down for generations to come!

Brown Dining Room Set After

A Few of My Amazon Favorites

Can you see how powerful paint can be?  It can make the old look new again.  It can hide blemishes and aging. 

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Paint can relax a stressful mind and put it at ease.  It allows an artist to show their talent and share it with the world.  Let paint change your perspective on older pieces. Take that first step and make a change if you have been contemplating one.

Here is a table set that I gave a makeover for my own home. See it HERE.

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”


10 thoughts on “Dining Table & Chairs Makeover: Painted Two Tone Yellow And Black”

  1. Love the rustic looks you both give to the furniture. Reminds me of Joanne Gaines style. I have been contemplating about processing my dinning set and this has really inspired me.

  2. Wow, they’re all beautiful, but that whitewash set that you transformed is outstanding. I never even noticed the lovely lines of the legs until you stained the top. The contrast made it pop.

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