Repurposed Sewing Machine Table Turned into Desk & Painted Light Pink

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Saving old furniture is in my blood, it’s a thriving passion.  When I see a piece for sale, and it’s cheap, I know it’s the piece for me.  Why?  I can see the potential that no one else can see.  It’s an addiction. Like this old sewing machine table.

Old Sewing Machine Cabinet With Drawers and Brass Hardware.
Sewing Machine Table Before

It was the same person who sold me a vintage washstand that I gave a makeover (below).  See the makeover here.  His grandmother had just passed away.  He was selling some of her old pieces that had been in storage outside.  He explained to the Hubs and me that he was planning on throwing these vintage furniture away but decided to list them at a low price.  Glad he did.  Two more pieces saved from the landfill!

Old Washstand

The sewing table was in pretty good shape.  However, the sewing machine did not work and the wires were missing.  The Hubs removed the sewing machine and gave it to my mom.  She collects them! 

Removing the sewing machine from the sewing table.
Removing Sewing Machine

The hardware and leg tips were rusty and chipped.  Nothing that could not be repaired.   

The Plan for the Repurposed Sewing Machine Table

Now it was time to hash out a plan.  The Hubs and I went out into the garage where the sewing table was located and began brainstorming.  After really looking at the it, we both agreed it would make an excellent desk.  But, what about the hole in the table top where the sewing machine was stored?

Hole Where Sewing Machine Was Removed
Hole Where Sewing Machine Was Removed

Hubs to the rescue!  He would construct one of his signature tops.  I was so excited because I knew it would be perfect for what we wanted to create.

Construction of the Table Top

We purchased several 1×4’s from Lowes.  They were cut to 44 ½” long (the length of the sewing table) so that there would be a slight overhang.  He then simply placed them on the existing top and nailed them into place  (I need him to make tutorials for his builds!)

Sewing Table with New Top
1×4’s Attached to Top

Finishing the Table Top

My stain color choice for the wood top was Minwax Special Walnut.  I did not want the stain to be too dark, the desk was a little too dainty for that.  Minwax stain is incredible to use because it allows the wood grain to be seen. 

I sanded the top with 220 grit sandpaper, and then used a piece of tack cloth to remove any dust.  I applied one coat of the stain, using a chip brush and wiping any excess stain off with a lint-free cloth.  The chip brush is excellent to use when applying stain because it will get the stain in all the nooks and crannies, unlike just wiping.  After allowing the top to dry for 24 hours, I applied a coat of Polycrylic.  Note:  To test that the stain is completely dry, run your hand across the finish.  If you feel any sticky or tacky places, then it’s not completely dry.  The Hubs outdid himself again!  Isn’t it beautiful!? 

Stained new top
Stained Top

Prepping the Repurposed Sewing Machine Table

Once the table top had dried overnight it was onto the prepping! The first order of business was to remove the drawers and hardware.  The cabinet and the drawers were wiped thoroughly with Lysol wipes.  It was dusty from being in storage, but nothing major.  I also cleaned the bottom of the piece.  Sometimes, as furniture flippers, we forget that the bottom has cobwebs and dead critters!  See how I clean the bottom and inside of my furniture pieces HERE.

The Painting Process

The paint color I chose for this project was Dixie Belle’s, Tea Rose.  It’s a faint pink, but still beautiful.  This color would go perfectly with the new wood top and the petite, lady-like legs!

Dixie Belle Chalk paint - tea rose
Dixie Belle Paint Company – Tea Rose

I applied two coats of Tea Rose, allowing 24 hours dry time in between coats. 

Repurposed sewing table after two Coats of Paint
Two Coats of Paint

Once the final coat was completely dry, I gave the table a very light sanding using 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface and to distress lightly around the edges.  

Distressing the repurposed sewing table
Distressing the repurposed sewing table

Top Coat

I decided to use clear wax to seal the sewing machine table.  After removing the sanding dust with a piece of tack cloth, I applied one coat of Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax.  It’s easy to use and goes on like butter!    Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes, and buff with a clean, lint-free white cloth.

Hardware for Sewing Table

I chose to change out the hardware completely.  The pulls and knobs were chipping and had rusted.  I went over to  Their selection is one of the best that I have found!  You can also search by pull size, which is a plus for me because it saves so much time!  I found the perfect pulls and knobs that coordinated perfectly together.  The pulls were called Bird Cage Bell Pulls and the Knobs are Oil Bronzed Leaf Knobs.

 Upcycled Sewing Table with New Pulls and Knobs
Upcycled Sewing Table with New Pulls and Knobs

Now, for the brass furniture tips on the bottom of the legs.  I had thought about purchasing new ones to replace the original ones.  But boy, how expensive these little thingies were and HARD to find!  I found a set of four on eBay for $53.00!  That was way more than I wanted to spend.  I took a much less expensive route and decided to paint them a dark brown since the top was stained dark.  I gave them two coats of Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, allowing the first coat to dry overnight, then applying the second coat. After they dried for 24 hours, I sprayed them with Polycrylic. They would coordinate with the hardware beautifully.

Painted Tips
Painted Tips

Supply List for Repurposed Sewing Table

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Dixie Belle’s Tea Rose Chalk Paint

Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax

Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

220-Grit Sandpaper

Wooster Silvertip Paintbrush

Hardware of your Choice

1×4’s Cut to Length

Spray Polycrylic


I think she turned out beautiful.  This piece sold the first day I posted it. 

Repurposed Sewing Machine Table After makeover
Repurposed Sewing Machine Table After
Pink repurposed sewing machine table


“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”

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  1. I’m glad you rehomed the sewing machine. I, too, collect vintage machines which I clean up and use. Many times it’s just a matter of a good cleaning, removing all the hardened oil, lint and gunk and they work great! Nice job!

  2. How cute!! I really love the colors – that stain on the top looks amazing! I’m so happy you rescued this piece. ?

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