Flipping Furniture Profits From Real Projects!

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We receive tons and tons of emails and messages asking if we sell repurposed furniture items and what they sell for. Yes, we do for a lot of them! In this post, we’ll take a look at some real-life examples of furniture flipping projects and their actual gross profitability.

Repurposed hutch top into green farmhouse cabinet: $225 profit

First off, I know if you have been on my email list for some time, you are very well aware that I love to repurpose old hutch tops! It is one of my passions. My recent hutch top was this beauty (Full tutorial HERE).

Hutch top before painting and after painting.
Hutch Top Before and After

I purchased the top itself for $20.00. We painted the top and added feet and chicken wire to the doors. We also bought new glass inserts. However, we sold the hutch top for $275.00. Our profit after supplies was $225.00. This hutch top also sold pretty quickly.

Red Upside Down Cabinet: $225

We paid $30.00 for this top that was in awesome shape. It was flipped upside down, and we added a wood top and chicken wire to the doors. We also added furniture feet. We sold this one for $275.00. After supplies, we made a profit of $225.00. Full tutorial HERE.

Upside down hutch top brown and after paint red.
Upside Down Farmhouse Cabinet

Armoire Cabinet Makeover: $265

This armoire/cabinet was given to us for FREE! We removed the doors, painted, and added a new back. We sold it for $285.00. After supplies, our profit was $265.00. Full tutorial HERE.

Armoire cabinet before and armoire cabinet painted green.
Armoire Free Cabinet

Thrift Store Headboard Bench Makeover: $220

This headboard repurposed into a bench we found at Goodwill (already constructed). We paid $55.00 for it but sold it for $275.00. Our profit was $220.00. It took no supplies other than paint which I had on hand. Full tutorial HERE.

Headboard bench before and after painted white.
Headboard Bench

Small items sell well too. Especially unique items that I have created from thrift store finds. Like this old mail sorter.

Old Picture Frame Makeover: $17

This old picture frame I purchased from Goodwill for $2.99. I added fabric, painted it, and added a vinyl quote. The fabric and paint I had on hand as well as the vinyl. I sold it for $20.00. Profit of $17.00. Full tutorial HERE.

Old picture frame before and then painted.
Old Picture Frame

I will go into more detail about pricing items once my Resource Library, โ€œFlipping Furniture for Profitโ€ is finished. I am about 80% complete and it will all be FREE if you are a subscriber to my email list. It will be loaded with tons of information for all of you who would like to learn how to start your own side hustle flipping furniture.

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Thank you for your support! Hugs!



14 thoughts on “Flipping Furniture Profits From Real Projects!”

  1. Cheryl Atkinson

    Hi Christina! Thank you for keeping in touch. I want to tell you that i copied your mail sorter except i couldn’t get the white tacks in and i was afraid i would get them in all crooked. I cant wait to put it in my booth and now i know how much to ask for it. Thanks again!

  2. Amazing Christina. They are all wonderful and wow, you made quite a profit on each piece. Do you have a shop or do you sell via word of mouth? I bet you have a lot of people lined up for one of your pieces.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your passion. I have that burning need to constantly create myself. I have only done projects for home and family. One day I hope to break free of corporate life and breathe free, creating for my livelihood. I celebrate what you have achieved. Well done creative one!

  4. Christina,

    Thank you for posting this. With everything going on, we all need some distractions to get rid of our anxiety. I love reading your blog and getting new ideas from re-purposed finds. I teach a Boy merit badge on Sustainability and have shared many blog posts with them about re-using, re-purposing, and recycling. I have them look at 50+ recycled/re-purposed items to determine what they are made out of, and their reactions are great! It has encouraged them to “make” things for their parents and friends. I also tell them they can make money from some of their projects- that usually perks up their interest!

    Thanks again,
    Janice in PA

    1. Hi Janice,

      Your comment made my day! I love seeing others teach kids about recycling and repurposing! What you are doing is so awesome. I would love to help and volunteer time if you need anything for the boys. A video, call, etc. This has touched my heart. You may have given me an idea. I might have to look into doing this in my small community. I think it would be great for kids to learn how to repurpose and recycle items! Kudos to you my friend! Many hugs,

      Christina ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Christina
        Your welcome! The merit badge I teach is Sustainability. Contact your local Boy Scout district office and they can get you started. I’ve been recycling all my life- back then we called it “frugal/thrifty”. My family background is Pennsylvania Dutch- similar to Amish/Mennonite. They fix and fix/re-purpose items until they can’t be used anymore. I get so frustrated with the plastic parts today- everything is made to be thrown away today- UGH!Janice
        Keep up the great work and we’ll do this together!

        1. You are so right Janice! I will definitely contact my local branch thank you for sharing! The Hubs and I try to save as much as we can! Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

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