Old Metal Workbench Repurposed into an Industrial Style Console Table

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Another project conducted by my friend Chrystele: this old metal workbench was turned into an industrial style console table.

This a solid workbench with a thick wooden top and 4 casters attached to end of long metal feet. This workbench design is quite strange, especially the casters’ position. May be it allows a studier workbench.

Here are a few pictures of how the workbench originally looked.

The metal workbench was stored in Chrystele’s barn for years before she dare upcycling it.

Dust everywhere, paint all over the wooden top and missing drawers. It definitely has seen better days.

1. Clean & Sand the Old Workbench

Chrystele first thoroughly cleaned the entire piece. Next step was a vigorous sanding to get rid of all the rust and paint traces.

Sanded workbench top

Here is how the workbench looked after sanding. No paint stain anymore, just the worn out look we like so much remained !

Chrystele carefully removed the rust from the structure of the workbench.

2. Build New Drawers and Painting

After sanding and cleaning the piece appeared to be in pretty good condition. The metal color was quite nice so Chrystele decided not to paint it.

The original drawers were missing. So Chrystele built 3 new drawers using plywood and wood boards.

She then painted the new drawers with 3 different colors: anthracite, grey and cream-white. She then used large stencils to add numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the drawers front. It enhances the industrial look of the workbench. The wooden top and painted drawers were sealed using clear wax.

Here is the final result. The old rusty workbench is now repurposed into a stylish console table. It could be used as an entry hall table or a side table in your home office.

Supply List for the Workbench Makeover

Save it for later!

Happy Makeover!

1 thought on “Old Metal Workbench Repurposed into an Industrial Style Console Table”

  1. What's Happening Florida

    I was searching for a workbench that not only offered a spacious and durable worktop but also had a smart design. This workbench exceeded my expectations! The thick wooden top is perfect for my DIY projects, and the casters at the end of the metal feet are a game-changer. The unique positioning of the casters adds an extra layer of stability, making the workbench feel incredibly robust. It’s a fantastic blend of practicality and creativity. I love it!

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