Repurposed Hutch Top Into Farmhouse Cabinet : Flipped Upside Down + Painted White

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A friend of mine was going to throw away an old hutch top as junk. What? There is no such word in my vocabulary as JUNK. Of course, she called me and asked if I wanted it. I sure do! These are the pieces that I long for. The dirty and the grungy! Let’s see how we repurpose a hutch top!

Here is the before. Someone had dumped it on her property. I am so glad she thought of me. I see potential already! You can see how I clean dirty, grungy pieces HERE. This top also had three doors not seen in the photo.

Hutch Top Before
Hutch Top Before Repurposing

Flipping the Hutch Top Upside Down, Adding Feet and Removing Back

After staring at it for several days, it dawned on me that this top would look better flipped upside down! The Hubs obliged. Once upside down, we removed the original backing because it had water damage. To make the top flow better, the Hubs added new wood trim to the top to make it flow better. He then added four furniture feet to the bottom. Before the legs were added, I stained them with Minwax Dark Walnut. I also stained the trim as well.

Back removed, feet added.
Flipped Upside Down With Legs Added

The Paint Process

The original shelving was missing, so the Hubs constructed a shelf from plywood and attached it right above the doors. I stained the shelf with Dark Walnut Stain. The glass was also missing from the original doors. With that being said, we used chicken wire in place of the glass to give it a farmhouse feel. I decided to paint the top white because quite frankly, it’s what sells in our little area. I used three coats of Waverly Inspirations Chalk Acrylic Paint in White.

We chose a piece of birch wood for the back. You can find these sheets at Lowe’s and Home Depot. They also have pine sheets. This piece came from our local hardware store.

The birch panel was stained with the Dark Walnut Stain. I chose two pumpkin knobs that I had in my stash and painted those white for the doors, lightly distressing each one. I had purchased these from D. Lawless Hardware a while back and had two that were not used.

Adding Chicken Wire & Sealing

Last Step, we added chicken wire on the back of the doors. The piece was sealed with Clear Wax.

This hutch top saved an old piece from the dump! Now she is a beautiful, farmhouse cabinet! Not to mention, we saved a piece from our local landfill. It sold the same day we posted it. This was my very first hutch top repurpose job. I was hooked! You can see other hutch tops we repurposed on my blog.

Supplies for this Project

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  1. I love that you are able to save these pieces and make them so useful and pretty. If i had someone to help me i would probably do this too but it is too much work for this ol lady. 🙂

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