How to Make Upcycled Tile Coasters

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Stacey from The Upcycle Bandwagon is sharing a great little upcycled tile project, to make the sweetest tile coasters. A quick one you can do in the holidays with the kids and finding the music sheets, maps, or old papers to go on the tiles is half the fun! Make a day of it and head out to the op shops and craft store to gather what you need. Thanks to Stacey for sharing!

What you will need

  • Leftover bathroom tiles (these are easily found on gumtree or you may know someone who has a few leftover from a recent renovation)
  • Modge Podge – you can make this of find at Spotlight or a craft store
  • Old maps or music sheets (you can use what ever you like, even leftover wrapping paper. I found mine at Vinnies)
  • Felt
  • Clear sealer spray
  • Light sand paper
  • Hobby glue


1. Clean tiles with soapy water and leave them to dry.
2. Place tiles on the paper you have chosen and trace with a pencil and then cut out your square.
3. Using a small paint brush paint modge podge onto your tile and then place your paper on top smoothing out as you go so there are no bubbles. Leave for 20 minutes and then paste another coat of modge podge over your tile. Leave to dry for an hour or so.
4. Give a light sand. If you want the edges to be slightly worn/distressed as I have just rub your sandpaper around the edges. After sanding do another layer of modge podge on your tile and leave for an hour.
5. Once dry take outside and spray your sealer over your tile. Leave overnight.
6. Cut out a felt square the same size as your tile and paste on the back of your tile with hobby glue, this will help avoid scratching any surfaces and make the tiles nonslip.

Happy upcycling!

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