Nightstand Makeover: Painted White

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Makeover #2 of the Master Bedroom Renovation – DIY Nightstand Makeover

If you remember a few months ago, I shared a chest of drawers makeover that I had completed as part of our master bedroom makeover.  If not, you can see it HERE.  Well, since then, I have decided to go in a different direction.  Surprise right!?  I decided that I wanted all of my furniture white and distressed because our bed was black iron.  With that being said, the chest of drawers is going to my daughter, who will get the old furniture as well.  There will be a dresser makeover (that I got for FREE) coming next so stay tuned for that.  Today, I wanted to share with you my DIY Nightstand Makeover.

This is what they look like now.  We purchased these along with the chest of drawers and the iron bed from a friend as a package deal.

Pair of Wood Nightstands Before Paint
Nightstands Before Makeover

The color that I will be using is Dixie Belle’s Cotton, a bright white.  I will also be adding new hardware to give the set a farmhouse vibe. 

Jar of Dixie Belle Paint in Cotton
Dixie Belle Cotton

Supplies for the DIY Nightstand Makeover

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Prepping Nightstands

The first order of business for my DIY nightstand makeover was to remove the drawers and the old hardware. 

Everything was cleaned with my vinegar and water spray (1-part vinegar, 2-parts water).  The bottoms were cleaned, as well.  You can see how I clean the bottom of my furniture HERE.   Make sure to allow the furniture time to dry after you clean it.   I take a clean lint-free cloth and wipe it down just to make sure all cleaning solution has been removed.

Cleaning Nightstand
Cleaning Nightstand Before Painting

Save this project for later!

How to Prevent Bleed-Through

Now, for the next step.  I normally do not do this if I am using a dark color paint.  However, I have found that with pieces that have been stored in some type of storage that is not temperature controlled, there can be damage underneath the finish.  Things like heat and moisture.  Things underneath that you may not see with the naked eye.  When using white paint, bleed-through can occur and it is just frustrating.  So, to keep that from happening, I am spraying each nightstand and the drawers with two LIGHT coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye Clear Shellac.  It is recommended to use the shellac outside or in a very well-ventilated room because it does smell.

Can of Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac

Spray one light coat over the entire piece.  Remember to keep your spray can moving.  I spray, release, spray while moving the can at the same time.  I find this keeps me from spraying too much in one spot.  REMEMBER, light coats are better than trying to do a thick coat.  It can cause a huge mess!  It drys pretty quickly depending on your weather conditions.  I wait for about an hour and then spray a second coat.  Once the second coat has been applied, I let the nightstands sit overnight to dry. 

Painting Nightstands

The next day, it’s time to paint!  I started the paint job with the drawers.  Make sure to stir your paint before applying.  I also always give it a frisk shake before I open it.  I also keep my Wooster Silvertip paintbrush dampened with water using a  spray bottle.  This allows the paint to go on smooth, and you will have fewer brush strokes. 

Drawer Front Being Painted with Dixie Belle Cotton
Painting the drawers’ front

I applied one coat of Dixie Belle’s Cotton to the nightstands and the drawers. 

Nightstands After One Coat of Dixie Belle Cotton
Nightstand after one coat of white paint Cotton from Dixie Belle

After about 2-3 hours of drying time, I apply a second coat of chalk paint.  Since we used shellac, it only took two coats of white to fully cover.  And, no bleed through!

Nightstands After Two Coats of Paint
Nightstands after the second coat of paint

The next day after the paint had time to set, it was time to distress.  I took a piece of 220-grit sandpaper and sanded around the edges of the drawers and the nightstands themselves. 

Nightstand Distressed Edges

Use a piece of tack cloth to remove any sanding dust.  Then, add your top coat to seal.  I used Minwax Finishing Paste Wax applying one coat, following the directions on the can.

A Can of Minwax Finishing Paste
Minwax Paste Wax

Changing the Knobs

I found these oil rubbed bronze pulls on Amazon.  They come in a pack of 10.  I attached them to the nightstands. See how changing something as simple as a pull gives the nightstand an entirely different look?

Set of Nightstands Painted Dixie Belle Cotton
Nightstands After Makeover

I can’t wait to get these in my bedroom. 

Save this project for later!

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8 thoughts on “Nightstand Makeover: Painted White”

  1. Hi Christina!
    Love the nightstand! You have inspired me to get busy on my bedroom furniture which looks very similar to the nightstands you did. How much chalk paint did it take to do 2 coats on these? That will help me know how much to buy. Thanks ☺️

  2. HI Christina! I know all about being in a funk. When i had to downsize to an apartment it seems like i just don’t feel like creating or painting anything. and then my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer so i have been helping with the grandchildren. I really need to pick up a paint brush and go wild! I love these old chunky end tables and white was perfect. do you prefer shellac over BOSS? Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi there. Sorry to hear about your daughter will keep you guys in our prayers. Sometimes it’s hard we just have to keep persevering. I don’t use much shellac other then for preventing bleed-through. I do like the Boss!

  3. First, nice score! I’d love a set of these in my house. What a difference white paint made to breath new life into these nightstands!

  4. These turned out so well! I love the color and the hardware. I finally got to go to the habitat store because I’m looking for nightstands for my bedroom. Maybe I’ll just come sneak yours out the window. ??

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